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Because for all of his accomplishments, as a head coach Gus malzahn, still seems to be the topic of a lot of fans and media alike about his future. What is this shooter? Yeah. Well, you know, I think that, that happens across the country, honestly, and it happens in our league the most, I think every coach I league is pretty much on the hot seat for the most part, the expectation of our fan base. All of our fan base is to win national championship. If I remember correctly, I think there's, there's nine head coaches right now, who have Costa national championship game. And coach malzahn is one of them. So he's also calling the place this year, which will be a think a much different environment. I think we'll see a much different team this year than we've seen in years past and the level of detail that he expects his players, and he has himself. I think you'll see that come come to fruition when we watch our team performed. What do you expect from him? Wow. Why should we hope? He doesn't have to throw any touchdowns. Catchy. Touchdown run. The ball through the GATT. I expect him that I spent to put forth, a pretty pretty flam not flamboyant, but a game plan. But it's going to really think, in my opinion, exciting he knows in you know that we run the ball a lot. But we run the ball at the past and here I am talking like a football coach. I'm I just don't even know how to hit a curve ball, but just making sure that our young men are prepared to play and that they're engaged from from kickoff to to, you know game in. And final question on that. But. You said all these coaches are on the hot seat. But, but he's, he's one of the few though, that according to reports came came close to not being the coach at the end of last year. I know that's not an easy subject to aggress, but it certainly hung out there for a very long time that like for you. You know, it's, it's, it's part of our industry, a think, especially in the southeastern conference. You have fans who are very passionate about college football. One of the things that gives me great confidence is the number of juniors who came back and, you know, the statements that they made about for, you know, taking wanting to come back to finish off, what they started knowing that they're going to, you know, they had a great opportunity to be in the NFL the young people. I think send a huge signal to the trajectory of our program and the fact that those guys wanna be back gives me great confidence, and it shows that their confidence and their coach and their program that we have a chance to be pro this year. I don't know what you're saying to play just over. You may have given us lot of raping news. Alan green. Thank you very much, appreciate you coming by. It's always good to see you. Thanks, paul. Warragul. Well short break a Knicks. I've been in the final hour. We have more guests who drop by, including some other. I thought he'd directors already talked to Malcolm Turner. We are up against rifle get your reaction when we come back to listening to Paul finebaum show podcast. I can't believe it. Let Philip brought his little brother on our mission into orbit how long until it got there alone..

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