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Terminal with this the Dallas Cowboys seen that many expected to see coming into this season but we just haven't seen in the last three weeks it's hard if you watch the cowboys play tonight you have a hard time is your cal was been a resume accepting the fact this team lost the jets last week what I was supposed to be this team not the team they saw the last one week I think those inconsistencies or what's going to drive you crazy if you're chasing Garrett and the the the cowboys fans you want to see this team week in week out and obviously you're not going to be seized by twenty seven points there every week in the NFL would you want to see consistency in the passing game in the run game because we have a guy ninety million dollars and you got another one is playing quarterback that's asking for forty AM is a year a source on Sunday that you're worth that price tag now Prescott rushing touchdown the twenty first of his career most by a cowboys quarterback in their history breaking the tie he had been in with Roger Staubach hi Scott two hundred thirty nine yards passing as well straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart cardinals a twenty seven twenty one win over the giants cardinals with the win equal last season's win total picking up their third victory that won three straight games for the first time since winning nine in a row during the twenty fifteen season giants committed three turnovers in NFL height eighteen turnovers on the season including six games with multiple turnovers se Kwan Barkley did return after missing three games with a high ankle sprain at seventy two yards on the ground and a rushing touchdown as well Packers dominate the raiders forty two twenty four I may have Aaron Rodgers to thank for a large part of it first quarterback in Packer history with a perfect passer rating a game ESPN's Jeff Darlington you look across the board of everything that and did it this game was in front on the stage in the states didn't feel necessarily heightened enough to make this one of those all time games but I was in there press box again like I'm watching a historical performance here you validated that but the thing that Rogers pointed out that he probably was most proud of he kept hammering the fact that they came into this game with a lot of injuries especially the wide receiver position Geronimo Alison workers that work as well as killing off both of those guys were questionable upgraded from doubtful coming into this game to the point were both of them ended up with the touchdown and Rogers afterwards was kind of say like you know these guys were really banged up you know didn't didn't expect a silly that kind of performance and ultimately they got something that really resonated with their their job or metal floor got the head coaching job there in Green Bay there's a lot of talk of expectation what this all friends would be like especially with Aaron Rodgers as the quarterback how close to what we saw today what Matt low floor envisioned when he got to Green Bay like all of this exchange between one of a long time reporter Jason will be on the Packers beat and not will floor will be asked before that very question essentially and all the floors that Hey there's a lot of things that we can do better so you know we gotta get better on third down like how are we on third down will be responding to user six of ten and the floor was like that's better though dear boy but I don't think that the Packers necessarily realized how close they are to where they want to be they were absolutely rolling and now they're looking at six in one going into a chiefs game without Patrick molds on Sunday night football so it feels like the Packers are catching their group is it too early in the season for them to be hidden there perfect stride want to find out more right now Michael this is absolutely what the Packers wanted to see a level floor Aaron Rodgers of marriage this is exactly what they were to say Packers six of one team's best start since twenty fifteen Aaron Rodgers first career game with at least four hundred yards passing and five touchdowns sports center all night ESPN radio rams of thirty seven ten win over the falcons the rams are sixteen and four in road games under Sean McVay since twenty seventeen Jared Goff twenty two of thirty seven couple of passing touchdowns didn't commit a turnover and had the legs gold.

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