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I mean, they're, they're, they're going to be just they're going to be just fine. But let's put it all in perspective. Not your name went to Bahamas played a bunch of teams from Bahamas won't by sixty game. You know, providence went to Spain and their role in people. You don't like, let's not lose our minds. It's August. This is a starting point for all these teams. It's a long season. A lot of stuff happens. Forget about on the court. Then think about all the things that happen with your teams off the courtroom, the course of the season that impact practice teams getting better trust chemistry and everything else. I mean, like the littlest things can take your team and said it sideways. So when everyone's losing their minds, I just don't lose my mind like that. Do you think if if a say this, I think if Kentucky hadn't beaten these teams because teams alternately that they played were okay. They weren't great. But if they unbeaten him, then I would lose my mind. I mean, seriously, I, I always felt like, man, you know whether you're at Lennick enough, you know what, you know by playing teams. And I think if you don't beat those teams in, I lose my mind. If you beat those teams in you just par for the course, let's move on. That's kind of how I feel about it. Seth. And and let let's be honest, the teams that you just mentioned taking Notre Dame out of it because I went on that trip in a way to the Bahamas and played those teams. And if you didn't beat them by thousand two games didn't even mad. They were silly games, but but I didn't think duke's and I didn't think I didn't think Kentucky's were silly games. So if you didn't beat him by double digits or your run out on them, then I think you'd lose your mind, but it was since you did you businesses usual, hey, let me ask you questions, ready? I I wanna stirred up little bit. Oh boy. Duke goes to Canada, right. And has the largest Crowley twenty two thousand over three games, whatever it is. And everybody's telling me it's all about Zion, Williamson, and. Yeah, Jay baron. Okay. Let me ask you questions if and they should be paid because you know, look at the draw that Zayn Williamson and RJ baron is if those guys same guys went over there and didn't have Duke on their chests and work part of a Duke trip people you think would have showed up at those games. No, they would've been just course games course. So I say all of you, my my, my weekly shot is what's the brand worth is all I'm asking, what's the brand worth? I'll continue on with the show. Now, Seth. Well, all right. Jersey, hands, romance. I was giving at that point. I, you know, people are mad because because Michigan announcer starting quarterback shape Patterson than Michigan, people started selling number two jerseys and people like well, see, it's just a coincidence and I'm thinking to myself well, okay, sell a number two jersey that doesn't have the Michigan brand on what's it worth. I don't know. I don't know. I think the brand matters says, is all I'm saying, yeah, don't even get me started on Tyler hands, bro. Nobody ever bought a Matt ants Tyler hands, bro jersey when he played it for way. But everybody in a mother brought in North Carolina one. Why? Because it a brand stop with on the player stuff. And that. Brought to you by band and he will participate on that throughout the season. But you know, in the end I do and I also think people lose their minds, but. How many guys jerseys move the needle? Well, not very many and send it. Can I give a warning to our listeners. I got an argument on Twitter. No doesn't wasn't started by me. It was started by one of our, yes, peons national radio hosts about payment of players, and he participates about it, Seth and he didn't even know the players actually got cash. He didn't know to my son was getting five hundred forty dollars every two weeks. So he when he didn't know and he found out he said, well, it's not enough people that complain about these things don't even know what the kids are getting..

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