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Are you encouraged by the fact that they played this well and they've missed joel embiid through a decent part of it they do hopefully get him back for maybe he'll miss a game or two of the playoffs my question would also be what is considered success for the sixers in the postseason do you see them getting out of the first round no problem if they get to the second round is that a successful season with with where they were they are the first part of your question joel embiid had really started them on this winning streak now that's why i've said the coaching has been so good because they've changed style just a little bit because they don't have the post presence of embiid in there but they've been able to get to the basket and they passed the ball marvelously as a basketball team it's really a pleasure to what now joel embiid i mean what a personality but what a talent and i just don't i wouldn't wanna play him now you mentioned something about him playing defense he can he can guard three point line but if he's just on kevin love there ain't no room protection so it plays into lebron and the rest of the team getting to the whole so i'm very interested in philadelphia it has shown a lot with them continuing the street with him being out but it's also showed the maturity in the growth of the rest of the time you think this has been a successful year like all written fifty wins making the playoffs already been success listen painful if they end up losing milwaukee they fall to the four seed indian has been good this year like could indiana theoretically beat them particularly if embiid misses that would be disappointing that it would be disappointing if they lose to indiana in round water if they lose.

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