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Is friday evening. Five forty five pm here on east coast. Dhaka's hell already man fuck. And what is this hour forward. I would back what's that called. Mario is Fall back spring forward. We got a less daylight during the day. I it's the same amount of daylight it's just. It gets darker sooner. Daca sonal clock is pitch black out there looking like is that movie called pitch black vin. Diesel yeah that's what it is. I said it feels like a wack movie though nothing vin diesel dud was ever wack. Y'all you so you you're not a little worried about that Trailer for shot was good. It was whacked at any have no blood. How moving named blush. I'm trying to get that money from the teeny boppers teeny. I'm telling you y'all shot out. To michael kappen injure and my Very what what's the word. I'm looking for here. What's writer step in this very What is this for. What is it is. It's like a useful expense. This like you know. I'm happy to give them that subscription. I get what you're saying. Yeah so happy to get. He stayed droppings on. I know i feel like every day. We talking about something cop and you found out oh broke so just credit for him I i don't mind being pain. Subscriber athletic sources have told michael carpenter that adrian bronner before time champion is set to end his two year layoff after his one sided loss to manny pacman pacquiao. And he's going to be coming back in february the month. That love ladies and gentlemen if you love you some bona. He's back in february and he's taken on a mexican and it isn't mexico tin steel. No it's this guy not to be confused with his cousin ocampo's this is just so calm. I mean this is just not going to pedro gump Thirty one and one with the draw. Twenty one oh six twenty one. I mean who he fought is the question I mean we'll see. I don't know why. So scott go some credit. You know why you know why. Because of a man mike carpenter when he referred to him he said pack you out okay see okay. Let me just read the paragraph. Because it's real short. He said the dow will be bronner's first since he was dominated by manny pacquiao in january two thousand nineteen and the difference in competition is stark. Pack y'all is one of the greatest of all time of course. gump is an unheralded mexican like magazine. You might as well just call them punching bag with fists like that's the way i felt like he referred to it like Man yau just in case unheralded means not previously announced not expected or recognized word. You know what i'm saying. This is the do this going to be so straight up. If you're not recognized you are a nobody discern. He gets his share. You guessed it right if you're unrecognized. You're absolutely a nobody but listen. We can't hate those who expected broke comeback versus as chairman. You know exactly although the fact that neither one of them. Fox's they pack. Yeah that's actually pretty cool but no. You're absolutely right. I honestly i would be on criticizing him if he did come back against top ten. Even top fifteen guy you know on box wreck gump is ranked seventy seven in the world. You know. but he's got a record that nobody's gonna laugh at the arena. People are going to hear thirty one one. Oh okay well. This guy's got some me. He's he's a winner. I is checks off all the boxes that he needs to come back as the can man you know. And he knows he knows where the money's at you know he knows what gets them the most watches and that's you know a beaten man. You know saying and so mexican. At the doc i i like it. I think it's a good move. They call the docs know compost. Two point on oath he's twenty eight years old You know so. So he's not Wore beaten or anything that we know of But the only people on his resume that i recognize were abner lopez who is in a fighter of note. He's just a guy that i know has fought Other fighters like i think he fought alex saito In a couple of other guys. I think actually was looking at his box rig earlier and i can't remember who i saw but then the only other person was Yeah was abner lopez. And that's it to be honest with you carlos jimenez. He lost to and calls him minutes. Had been in the ring with a couple of people. But i mean this guy's really really has very little What's the word. I mean just doesn't have a resume at all you know at all. Nah i think the funnier part of the article is how home coppins talks about boehner in november Being sent to jail on contempt. In cleveland for felony pay over a hundred thousand dollars to the old woman for an assault in a nightclub and that bronner's plead to the judge was that he's broke and his friends sent him money via direct deposit and named owl engine. As the doing this money. And then i started thinking to myself like damn. Abc's so smart that we didn't even see this coming like he set it up like all those a arm boatman semi a cash at he will posted on his and we would like what the hell is he doing. Yeah yeah he was setting it up. Never had the country. Ara broke asking for money for many like his thinking action. Judge to like could've asked for those receipts. He wanted to but why he named them. Specifically maybe and jovencio had made some deposits only had to it. There's no way he's lined to a judge. Know the video of burn court got over a million. That's all gonna say. I'm over a million views for his court appearance. Like you know this is this is this is the thing. Okay this fight. It needs to accomplish two things one. It needs to show us a more determined. Adrian brunner you know. Maybe his body looks a little bit better. He's quicker whatever. We've got a report on one more so now in march before the pandemic he was arrested in miami allegedly driving while under the influence but yet ins- then he has emerged saying that he's giving up alcohol for you whole camp and he's a admitted to have an issue with alcohol You know so it it. It's more of a problem now than it was him. You know doing it for recreation definitely. And i'm glad you said that because that's really what the underlying point was. Is that it you know. The.

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