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With them. They're able to use your money. thereby. they are investing it and using it. And you get the money if you don't use it for long term care and the air them putting more money into the bucket. But you're using your money I for long term care that way the premiums don't get increased, and so that was a part of that book along with the other strategies that spoken about crisis, player strategies, government benefits, and such at led to that book. This is such a content rich coal because it's Dave this is David Ward feud isn't this is disappointing out to me. I guess somebody who doesn't know a thing about this that there is a lot to understand and in that pointing process having somebody like helping out man to be there to help you is this going to reduce so much stress and give me that confidence that we're going to be able to be in a better position. Afterwards, I looked at your website you have a great deal of of not only testimonials. You've got a lot of other educational material what what are the educational material are people going to find on your website and get? Will we we really pride ourselves on providing educational content and material because we really feel that you sort of have to know what you don't know, and that's you know such a an important concept and away. So on our website we have. Numerous guides we special needs guy we have a nursing home. And assisted living guide for people in our area we have. Medicaid guides we an guide about. Benefits are available paper long-term k. We these guys at happy to guide to people that go on our website, which is ww Dot Hauptmann Ha U. P. as in Peter, T. as in Tom M. A. N. AS IN NANCY LAW L A W dot com, and we feel that there's lots of video content about explaining what happens when your child turns eighteen for example, and need special needs..

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