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Of the Valentine's views podcast giants fans. I'm your host Ed van ton. And on today's show. We are going to focus on a topic that no one in giants land cares about these days that no one cared about for the last couple of years. We're going to focus on the quarterback topic. And to to help us with that. I'm going to bring in special guest. Matt waldman. One of the most knowledgeable quarterback people that I know and met joins us right now. How you do in Matt. I'm doing great, Ed. Thanks for having me on again. I heard you kind of chuckle there in the background when I said no giants fan cares about quarterback. Yeah. Well, you know, I appreciate your sense of humor. Well, you know, nobody. I mean, I'm not a comedian. But we gotta try to have some fun around here. Really? You know, exactly. And hopefully, we'll have a good have a good time talking about these prospects. Because even though this is not seen as the most amazing class out there. There's some interesting players who could develop I know in you know. You know, Mark Scofield does some work for me. He does some work for you. And he's been going through some of these guys. So we're you know, we're for us. So we're familiar with them a little bit. But I, you know, to be honest with you, I gotta get someone else's take other than marks because I'm really tired of of Mark kneeling at the altar of Brett Rippin. Well, you know, Mark is a great guy. So he's fund the also poke fun at as well. And and he you know, he doesn't credibly strong work as a quarterback on an analyst. And so it's it's kind of funny because y- you may find that if we get on that topic of Brett Rippin that I may actually also be on that bandwagon. But but I don't but Marc has definitely milled the mill the wood and built the built the wagon. So I you know, we can leave it at that. So so so let's start here. The the giants brain trust. Obviously, they the giants have the sixth overall pick. We hear Dave Gettleman talk a lot about value. We hear Pat Shurmur talk about it. We hear John Mero talk about you know. Yes, we wanna quarterback. Yes. We wanna follow the, quote, unquote, Kansas City model and all of that. And yet we want value at the sixth pick. If it's Dwayne Haskins or drew lock which are the two guys that would be considered at six if they're still on the board is that value in your mind or are those guys who who in an ideal world just wouldn't be going that early in a draft. Yeah. I don't think it's value to get those guys. I think you can get better. A better prospect later may be better prospects plural later as maybe the second round if they have I haven't kept track for the giants second round pick. But if they do in the early second round, or they can trade up into the end of the first round than I think they may be getting value at that position there because Haskins unlock Haskins I would prefer over lock. And I think he might be worth that pick. The problem is we know he's only played one year. And that inexperience is is not. Not so much because he hasn't played a lot that we're worried that he's not as good as shown is just that. We haven't seen a complete comfort level of what he can or can't do and that's a subtle difference..

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