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A successful one she certainly did a lot of backup singing and she was in a movie that's one of my all time favorite movies which with a standing in the shadows in motown as no it's it's an actual movie movie in a it's going to take me one second to look it up here but i'll be happy to do it it features dick sean who played a hitler in the producers yes sir and he plays a record producer and uh she is she's a made made to order 1987 made to order she's a made that can sing okay and she gets a recording contract this it's a it's a nice little movie made to ordered 1987 ellie sheedy ellie sheedy's in it yeah and michael on cotin oh sure guy from slapshot who uh who next rate their brayden who's who skated around in his jockstrap and dick sean is fantastic it it is fair to ask thick oh it's all but it's good as clinton has got her and she did a she did a fine job acting in another thing goal but that's as far as i know that's that's that's all his she's mostly known as being a backup singer she made some coin of that song us i think i think he just get paid per breast session ferrero really let's be us sometimes though i mean sometimes i think if you're cool i think you might get a little something us as time goes maybe they'll factor that into that maybe the stones a cool they certainly it girl a record or imagine they've got enough they can be cool if they feel like it i would hope so here i don't know now no but you know i've as far as i know that's the most famous thing that she's done sure yeah and then as pretty she planted or flag respectable here pretty respectable was steve does and over it w l us sports bulls and cavaliers tonight in cleveland derek rose will not play for the cavs you've got a sprained the ankle our pregame show those starts at 530 tip at six right here on wls some good news on chris done sounds like the point guard could returned from a finger injury little later this week the bulls will get a.

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