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You've during the commercial break you each wrote down a price handed it to me. No, I have not looked at the prices. You two did not discuss the price. But just to make sure we're all on the same page here. We're going to get some outside counsel. Let me go to marry Mary. Welcome to the Hammer and Nigel Show. In addition to that punishable face of Rob Kendall. What did you think about the ultimate warrior mural that's autographed. And how much would you pay? I would pay $500. That's my starting bid. Starting bed at 500 bucks. Okay? Whoa. That sounds a little high, but I appreciate it, Mary. Well, those are counted memories for my fans. Got it? Got it. Ok. Thank you, Tom. Welcome to the hammer and nitrogen. Tom, would you punch up Kindle? And how much would you pay for the mural? So I punched him right. NetZero thie for the murals that that's from the golden age of wrestling, backward hall and all of them so I would start it. 75 started 75. Okay? And then could go up from there. But why? I've got you. I've got a question about the survey. Okay? I took it last night. Twins. The question about your gender become a stolen The blunt question is normally pick one bubble or to bubble. Welcome to 2020. My friends. All right, So you heard some outside counsel these air some tweets that came in. Okay. Stephen Hadley tweets at us at Hammer and Nigel. How much would you pay for the picture? A dollar 99 expired Pack of Trojans Cliff. $80. Um, Uncle Slow Be tweets at us at hammering Majal $150 so Here's what we're going to do. Rob. I'm going to open your piece of paper first. Yes, This is how much you're willing to sell this for $250. Yes, Now, Kyle, you handed me a piece of paper. You're willing to pay $100. So, Kyle Rob, We got to meet somewhere here in the middle here. Can we work out a deal on some kind? Robert? You willing to come down from 2 50 I'm willing for Kyle to come together. Okay, Kyle, What can you do for rob Candle? Well, would you sell it for $100? First and foremost? No, okay. I had a feeling you'd say that, Uh, what if I threw in something from my collection child trying to get rid of the wrestling stuff? Well, I got more things than just wrestling. I think he's only interested in dollar side of this point, so you're gonna have to go above $100. I'll have Tio have to think about it. Come up with a nice price because I want us to actually lock this down The price right now you've got the city of Indianapolis in the number one drive time show in the city, waiting with bated breath to find out what you're willing to go for for this awesome piece of memorabilia that.

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