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Good. So I think loud you guys. We're good. Yeah. But I love Sean going, but he's he's you know, what he's doing a lot of now in and did I almost every day. You're on vacation. It's doing a lot of the get up. Is he doing the gut? He's doing the gives everybody by the way, should call it the get up. They changed the name of into the ghetto. He's he's kind of killing it on their good him in Jalen, and they him and Jalen Jason Williams with the basketball guys. But but he was one hundred percent, right and bead. Now, the issue with Embiid is can he stay healthy his first three years in terms of staying healthy were a disaster. But now now he's healthy. And I don't know if there's ever been a guy with his skill set. In other words, a seven footer who can score in the post like Elijah one and can shoot threes like Dirk right in that. Team with Ben Simmons. Jimmy, Butler Tobias Harris JJ Rettig in Embiid has the best starting five in the league other than the wars the words of the best right there right behind him. And so if they can figure out how to play defense and see I like it for them because they just said all right? Let's just go. Let's we'll trade for Tobias Harris ain't no tomorrow. Let's win this thing. Right. Think about it. They're really going for it because Tobias Harris n Jimmy Butler the two guys they traded for this year are both free agents this summer. Right. So they're going forward. You know what they're doing? They're pulling Rams doing with the Rams. Did there Lynn? Yeah. They're they're doing a now. I'm trying to think have. No, I haven't talked to you. No, I did we did one show after the Super Bowl. Oh, yeah. We dea. So, you know, the interesting thing did you see what Bill Barnwell suggested the other day? Idiotic bet your been suggesting that for a while don't well Boyd a minute. His suggestion is don't extend golf Goth this summer. I'm okay with that. And get another year to prove himself. And then maybe if he if he finishes the way finish this year. Just let him go. Oh, come on the guy got him all the way to the Super Bowl. Right. But then he laid neck now. I mean the guy had an unbelievable season. I love the idea that all the sudden, Sean McVay such a genius. He can take any any whole-home guy out of college football and tournament to an all pro. Well, not only dragged off is time. All pro the bay. I'll say it again the biggest mystery in my time, it's a sports caster in Los Angeles. And I got here. Nineteen ninety five is what the heck is going on with Todd Gurley..

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