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Think you're going to love it. This is the TJ show. You know the. The one hit wonder is this something that really started being paid attention to after the eighties, because the eighties was full of one hit wonders with all those property English bands. That would have just one hit, and it would be huge. And then you'd never hear from them again. Block a seagulls was one in the eighties, that was a big Toni basil. Even little children made no Mckee USA find you blow my, my hey, Mickey Mickey. But then we went awhile without having many one hit wonders. And so as as of late, as people say, who are trying to sound precise. There have been more and more of these pilot and we're not even paying attention to realize until right now. Business insider put together a list of the top selling one hit wonders over the years. There's no real definition of how they used one hit wonder. But here's the thing, that's my favorite publication. They pulled the eleven bestselling one hit wonders of all time. They're all from the two thousand except for three. All right. What why is business insider doing this? They do these kinds o because it sales about sales. That money. So the three that don't make a number eleven. Who is by tag team tag team back again from? Number Tam, plain white, t's. Hey, there, Delilah. Also while SAS is number nine. Is one of the other ones. That's not from the two thousand mock arena by Los del Rio. I love that number eight lips of an angel by hinder from two thousand six. Oh, yeah. Where he pronounces the word light instead of late. My you. You. So. Roddan by sorry, number seven like a g six by far east movement. Number six riding by Camilion air. All right. So I only trust being eyebrow. Some ladies with me. I mean, I'm plus ten I've brought my DJ me down. I mean we go in. So here are the five biggest one hit wonders the five best selling one hit wonders of all time. They're all from the two thousands except for one that one's coming up with a second at number five..

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