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George Michael's freedom ninety performed at last night's victory party for Alexandria Cossio Cortes in Queens, New York. She became the youngest woman in the US house of representatives ever. She will be this is democracy. Now, I'm Amy Goodman with one gun solace. Last night. Democrats took the house of representatives Republicans Republicans expanded their control of the Senate one I wanted to ask what you vanden Heuvel. The we were talking we've been talking about this now split situation in the house and the Senate, and you you raise the issue of the progressive caucus in the house, but Nancy Pelosi unless there's some major upheaval will be the speaker of the house, and then the issue becomes to what degree will the leadership of the house allow the progressives to pursue whether it's subpoenas. Whether it's investigations. Of the of the Trump White House. What do you how do you see the battling with whether it's impeachable? Within the Democratic Party about how how forward there will be tension and friction I suspect Nancy Pelosi after this win stays in the leadership speaker position for at least a year or two but put together a new leadership committee new generation. I think she would be wise to understand that the house needs to do accountability investigations needs to really use it subpoena power. But at the same time fuse it with what I was talking about before the the house is doing the people's business is exposing the corruption that hurts you that it's not been of. But it's about trying to right? The wrongs that this administration has imposed on this country. And I think there's a way to do that. But I really think it needs to lay out. I think we're shot spoke of this a bold vision. Initiatives and markers that show that this insurgent reform idea war if ideas, which is winning in many ways, we saw it on. On the campaign in the campaign that is reflected and that will lift up the house more effectively than just hearing hearings hearings or disarray passage even for instance, of a much higher federal minimum wage by the house dishes to the American or tuition free higher. Ed, I mean, set of issues that speak to politics at at its best is about improving the condition of people's lives. And I think the house needs to show that it is in that business. I also think you have for example, in Elizabeth Warren's very good any corruption public integrity act a roadmap for another issue that should play big moving forward into twenty twenty and beyond which is essentially a system that's rigged of. But you have, you know, people low income versus the very wealthiest look. Take on the tax take on the tax cut that this administration and its neighbors just gave to the wealthiest incorporations. It's not playing very well out in the country. No wonder there wasn't a lot of talk about it in this campaign. So I think they're set of issues. I will say one thing that the caucus is going to do and needs to do the progressive caucus built and what we're shod with saying we need to build independent political power. And the mobilization we've seen in this campaign is, you know, the door knocks the retail politics the door to the mobilization with extrordinary in local communities grassroots whether Georgia Florida those heartbreaking the Florida race, but the caucus with its new center is going to link with movements, which I think is critical movements outside of Washington and lift up their issues and ideas as we talk about those issues, let's go to democratic socialist Alexander Cossio Cortes at twenty nine. She becomes the youngest woman ever elected to congress. She rose to national prominence in June when chain seated when she unseeded the ten term incumbent congress member Joe Crowley, the fourth ranking democrat in the house. She was elected to represent New York's fourteenth congressional district by a landslide last night defeating Republican candidate Anthony Pappas with seventy eight percent of the vote. She ran a progressive grassroots campaign democratic socialist advocating Medicare for all the abolition of ice, she celebrated her victory in queens last night, giving this speech. Is what is possible when every day people come together in the collective realization that all our actions. No matter how small or how large are powerful worthwhile and capable of lasting change. Cannot express my gratitude to every organizer every small dollar donor every working parents and dreamer who helped make this movement happen..

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