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Congressman john gary mandy john you withdrew a particular bill you and some others who are pushing to prevent a war with iraq explained what the bill was and why you withdrew it we actually proposing amendments to the national defense authorization act which was up for markup last week the amendments would hit the u._s. military from engaging in any offense to action against iran unless there was a congressional authorization to go to war the amendment was discussed in a very positive debate in the committee there were questions about the language that was proposed at that time that it may not successfully stop the military from taking sensitive action offensive that's fine we don't have any problem with pets so we're going to take it up on the floor following the fourth of july and possibly this week and an amendment to the defense appropriation bill in any case that was very positive support among the democrats almost universal and many many other republicans on the committee john i've got some questions though about this i read about it and how is this any way different from our sending troops to afghanistan or syria though their home now very much different afghan and iraq and including syria are all based upon a two thousand one authorization to use force against al qaeda and related entities we are now using that in sixteen countries many of us have tried to limit that but that is not taking place right now the administration is talking about iran somehow connected jeff ghanistan al qaeda they want to use that two thousand one authorisation has an excuse or as the legal foundation to attack iran and we're driver concern About that. That's why we want to put into the law a specific prohibition against offense against Iran, unless there is a congressional authorization to go to war, now sending another thousand troops over there. Do you think this is the beginning of an attempt to actually try to go to war? Yes, I I'm very, very concerned that the administration is not just a thousand troops. This is the second Trump's that'd be about three thousand additional troops. We have an aircraft carrier and all of the associated ships and airplanes with that. And we have a beep fifty two squadron in the area. Plus about another seventy or eighty fighter-bombers various kinds that have been there for many, many years, they ministration is attempting to put maximum pressure on Iran to get around to sit down and negotiate a longer and more robust anti nuclear weapons development, and to deal with all the other issues of Iran. It is a very dangerous situation in that maximum pressure to Tonkin Gulf situation, either real or manufactured. All right. That leads to one last question, John, and that is your, the Ayatollah you're running Iran, and all of a sudden now congress passes your Bill and they say, well, that takes us off the hook. We threatened a lot. We haven't followed through but does. Isn't that take away at least a psychological advantage? We have. I don't think so all the purchasers. They're all of the sanctions are in place. All the military is standing by, but let's be very, very clear about this war with Iran is no, small deal. Iran is very has a very powerful military has a surrogate all around the Middle East. It would result in a major conflict that would make the Iraq conflict. Look minor solid answer. John, thanks so much for joining us. Always appreciate it around US congressman John gear..

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