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Feel judged when I do that. Thank you for supporting me. All right listeners, Mike line. Okay. Here we go. I'm gonna I'm gonna go after my and I'm gonna pick a pick. That sounds like a breakfast, and we're gonna go with toast. Two. Mind blown guys how I wish I would have thought about that. Michael. Wow. Is toasted local much he's still doing. Well. I don't think so anymore. But I mean, he'll he'll be back toast, toasted worked everywhere. Go with prince markie. That's right. That's okay. Just to be clear. This is not a serial. No, this is a DJ. If you're just joining us. We are drafting a combination of cereals and local south Florida radio. Chris if you want to reset for the audience while Billy takes his ten minutes. Oh. You're in the fourth round second pick before the four rounds. Oh, there's only four rounds. I think we were doing I don't know twenty seven catches drop it like this is the last round to five. Okay. We'll do flat. Ready the plate and Regan. Joe? Oh, I see what their throwbacks on Santos for those of you who don't know is basically Hispanic Ryan Seacrest. And he he's down here locally. And he's started on L soul November I sink, which is now sold Santos as Puto Siete. And he used to do a show with Joe fit radio. And I don't know what happened there, but I feel like things didn't end well because they were doing their own separate shows. But when they were together, it was magical, probably the best radio of ever heard and regained Joe. Yeah. The best radio ever heard. That's incredible weekend jail. Taken roy. What does this mean what what does this mean for the rest of the draft Roy's been drawn? He's he can no longer drafter is is a rate moves great strategy out. You've obtained all of Roy's picks also, by the way, toasted all Castro Novo's co-host now. Really? Yeah. So it says beast who's still on the board. He okay, Jackie. I'm not taking. No, no, no. I'm just saying exactly. I'm taking ROY. Okay. I actually had it on my list. Yeah. So I'm going to spite Billie right now in hopes to make a trade later on I'm taking DJ lies dummy. I don't want the July's. Wow. What a smokescreen? The colors are up. Now who do we go to? Let's do Ryan on line three Ryan on line three. You are drafting either cereal or radio, even when I say that gets me a cereal or radio personality for the listening audience. Go ahead. All right coast. My scouts say that guy has serious of the field concerns. I'm drafting corn pops. All right. So the radio audience goes cereal corn pops nice little balance between this team. I think and toast. They did the big oath thing too. Who's on the board right now because has Chris acquired all ROY ROY still speaks for himself. Okay. Janet crowder. Wow. Good for one thing and also team solid pick. All right Bill is gonna take all ten minutes. I'm ready. UC lopez. By god. Well, researched well researched. And I appreciate having woman. Go off the board too. Because we could have been called out on that. Yes. Might steal. I might seal. If you take more than ten minutes. I'm taking. Stugatz. Why you you could've tandem? What's you don't want that that you just want to gods? What? Okay. Thought about this. I thought about going Syria, but once corn pops went off the board. My my my need for Syria went up the window. I'm going big lip bandit. Well, you have a good. Pick pick. I've cookie crisp. And I also have big O's which could be both Cohen. Pops corn pops Sylla was taken by rape holler. Yeah. And you cannot beat this roster. Zach Duarte raisin brand CTC ROY and stugatz. Like like, what's your? I cannot believe the value. I got normally Charlie in Charlie as I name. All right. So the listeners are gonna wrap it up here. Yeah. All right. So Kyle on line six. Six is ringing right now. So I don't go to Kyle go to Eric on line five line five Eric you have the final pick of the draft. Who you go in for? I'm going with Hochman das- low. Prime-time big three EROs beautiful.

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