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But if you invented podcasting, that's how I look. We, we all like ten percent. In this in this film through like interviews archival footage, excerpts Gary's journals, I get this picture of a guy who aspires to achieve greatness in comedy, but like I said, who in these journals, as much as he saying stuff like, let go and be one and be highly, who I am. I see him struggling with achieving happiness in life. And you you say, in the film, Gary says that his work was is life and you see that when you were in your twenties, and I started working with Garry shandling you wrote for him for the Grammy's. Could you relate to someone who's worked with so much his life. I think when you're young and you come from a neurotic family and you have a lot of wounds you'd think that comedy will save you. You wanna get a job. We all leave college or high school and think, what am I going to do? How am I going to support myself in this world? And you have a ton of energy to go after your your dreams and you don't think much about what it means emotionally to be obsessed with making it and as a creative person. A lot of times you think if my work is in good my world collapses, and that's something that is hard for people to understand is you know if you're writing show and you heard neurotic creative person, you think I need to make everything perfect or the show will get canceled or not getting made, and I will be revealed as a fraud and my whole life crumbles. So then there's a real intensity behind. The mission to make good. And in that intensity, which Gary would always say, was ego driven and driven by your your damage, you lose touch with loving people in connecting with people. And I think as he evolved, he became more aware of that and the Larry Sanders show is about that. It is about a talk show host and the people at a talk show and how in the world of Hollywood, they often have the wrong priorities and let their egos and needs serve them over loving each other. If you're just tuning in, I'm speaking with writer director and producer Judd appetito about his documentary about the legendary comedian Garry shandling a guy who's known for making people laugh with jokes like that. Very nice. I'm so excited to be here. I had a great day. I went to the Bank earlier today. On your free Penn yet these are free. These things, and they pop right out. I got a desk calendar too. You need a screwdriver to change the numbers, but they're free and. Then I went to the laundromat today because they have free close at the laundromat. That was Garry shandling killing it during his first time and the tonight show with Johnny Carson back in the early eighties when I was watching this documentary, I found myself scratching down my own kind of journals which nothing I normally do, and I went into work to do this radio show the next day. And I thought to myself before we went on air. I thought I wanted just be my full self here. I want to try and be entirely who I feel like I am and I maybe I'll do a better job on my show today. And that was that was just from reading Gary's journals as part of your doc in reading these ernal did you, did you find anything that you ended up applying to your own life? Similarly, I have the same experience which is before I do things I, I will think about Gary and what he would tell me to do. I tape the Netflix special that's running now and before I walked out, I just thought about Gary and things I read in the journal. He, you know, he, he would say, this is this is your gift. This is what you share with. The world talked a lot about being in the moment and knowing that if you're completely in the moment, the comedy will come that you know how to do it. So if you completely let go, you will be funny early in his career and they'll even the like the early eighties before doing tonight. Over the first time, he wrote a lot about a simultaneous performance and non performance. You know the idea of both focusing and letting go at the same time and believing in yourself at the..

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