Stein, Tyler, Pig Lloyd discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast


You know more people at go dumb not doing that again but any comic owes i'm going to do that again more so clearly did i think it's harder now for the things we so much competition now and as you say it's more homogenized in terms of what the circuit is when i started the circuit it fell out as forty fifty people doing it maybe so i just don't know how anyone can even see the way through that finger win none days if you said you were comedian it would sign you astronaut four to hear that oh but now regard yeah more now uber's kids about doing stein everyone wants to easy things these each sneeze this shows the towns the radio yeah so like it depends really on people in the towns every always never filed this there are people in the towns are passionate about the town could see our it would be funny from an outside point of view so the goal you've gotta come into this marriage thing we do here and they're very passionate very funny about it and then they'll same front of an audience and taylor store so the last one did in the lawsuit was hall and there was cop really the people in the audience was what there's there's a little link thing by the harbor they put because how was city of culture and you you speak into this thing this is a starship on about a core of a mile down the straight road there's a tower and wherever you say in this little clean lights up on this tyler so you could say i'm doing a podcast i i'm doing a podcast come up in pig lloyd's which are find utterly staggering that this can happen.

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