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Yeah. I read that book once about Louis Louis, and how there was like an obscenity trial because nobody knew what the lyrics were for. Sure. But it's also because apparently on the recording of Louie, Louie, you can hear the drummer yell fuck when he drops his drumsticks, and guess what we just turned ourselves in explicit rating. Congratulations for TV over you hot too. Hot Paul going deep on a sewing, sixty years. Yeah. If the drumstick drops at the fifty four second Mark Louis Louis, we are blowing the lid off. Yeah. The will bully. I also didn't know I like it made sense when I thought about it. But I was like, oh, they're like to HANA like bar blues band. This is cold case Willie Buller. Thank you so much for being on this week, Dan. Appreciate your insight on everything from krypton pop songs and game of thrones. And well, thank you for having me. I am a huge fan, and this has been a real career highlight. So thank you very much. We will see you to mounted de- campaign. Yeah. Now, Emily fairly has written. I can alter it slightly to be a detective Pika CHU Tien. And then. I'm ready. Well, everybody goes see not Nutley you need our reminder, but go see detective Pika chew what it is outweigh. May ten ten. Oh, my third and Japan. Japan Japan going to the premier Thursday, cool science. Gigli Puffer us. Yes, I'm hoping there will be some pokey representations red carpet. Thoughts on cryptic words or anything else night related please? Give us a call at two zero four six night. You can also Email us at night. Call podcast gmaiLcom. Please follow us on social media night called pod on Twitter nightfall podcast on Facebook and Instagram. And if you're liking the show, please like review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. We'll see you next week. One of us has to say bye. There you go. There you go.

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