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And hear stories of strength and recovery that make the connection dot net And here. W g N it's to 21 when it comes to the weather. We all want to know what did Tom Skilling say? Watch her updated forecast from Chicago's most trusted meteorologist. That's Tom Skilling, of course, weeknights on W G N TV. Talking to a Georgia cook here a career vision. They help people discover their paths to success. You work with a lot of students. I know. And so I thought I'd be great to have you on the show right now, As I feel like so many students are are just feeling off track. I mean, completely off track. You know, this isn't what they expected. This certainly is. Ah, is tough to navigate for sure, while trying to figure out where you go in life in the next steps and all that other stuff And you're doing it now without much contact with your teachers or guidance counselors. You know that kind of thing. You're sort of figuring it out in this world, right? It's it's not an easy thing to do. Georgia. No, no, it's not, and everybody worries about it. But there there is help parents have been using tutors. I know they have been using for Ah, child going to take the tea or the test and they've talked. As I said, to their counselors, perhaps a college or a high school. Perhaps they have a role models in their family. On that may have even talked to a financial advisor to help them with the financial planning for college and, of course, career vision's been around for over 30 years and were always a resource for the parents as well. What are some of the problems? You're hearing? You work with so many students? What? What are you hearing? You know is you talk with them in this time. Well, one of the things that the consultant here and I'm not a consultant. But when I'm out, speaking to a group with students and parents in the audience I often hear some confusion when I mentioned their aptitudes their strength, those that they're born with student might respond with. Ah, all I make pretty good grades in school or I play sports, or I play an instrument or something of that sort, But they don't really understand their innate inborn strength. Their aptitude, for instance, are they analytical? Are they good with spatial relationships are the artistic creation. Ideas. Are they good with numbers and by identifying the strength, our consultant can then show the parents what makes their young person unique and where their talents would be needed and appreciate it. I think everybody feel a lot better. Well, I think that's right. I would say that the natural the natural reaction, But, yeah, you know, I play the piano. And, you know, I'm getting an A in math. They Maybe that doesn't mean anything to me. I don't know. Maybe maybe you never do anything connected to either of them. But you figure out the underlying aptitude is you put it. But that's a hard thing for a parent. T Just figure out is it Is it would you say? Well, there. Look, there's more than one aptitude. There is a serious of aptitudes. We test a wide range of aptitude, and it creates a pattern that the consultant Khun See, and that's how they decide on job options for that student, But we have and we've had for about 20 years now. Our online assessments. All of our testing can be done online most anywhere in the World as long as there is a computer and an Internet connection, uh, career vision that or you'll see it linked to distance programs, and if parents we click on that they'll see that they contest Do any market online, and additionally they can speak directly to the personal consultant on their computer face to face and so they could get their test results. And they can also talk to their personal consultant. The of their computers, All right, we have a quick call here. Georgia. Hang on for just a second. Michelle, You have something you want to say on this. Go ahead. You're on. I just want to don't you know that I have hit two might get both have gone to the career vision program. My sign wet shirt several years ago when he went in and did testing my daughter. Just the summer. Um, super helpful. It was so insightful to my son. We did after you got out of school, and I wish we'd done it while he had been in high school, which you did for my daughter now. Not like when they claim they have acting. They knew him explains so much about how he learns how he, um, how you student, super smart kid, but like, get to do things differently, and it was just amazing,.

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