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WTO one person is dead three others hurt, following a Saturday night shooting in district heights, the shooting happened along Richie rode around 8 o'clock. There's been no update on the conditions of the three people wounded so far. It may be October before NASA tries to send an uncrewed Artemis spacecraft to the moon, Saturday's schedule launch of the massive rocket was scrubbed because of a fuel leak. The 333 122 foot tall rocket was taken back to the hangar for repairs. Former president Trump blasted President Biden at a campaign rally in Wilkes Barry, Pennsylvania last night, calling his successors Thursday night remarks on extremism in the GOP, divisive. It was mister Trump's first campaign event since the FBI search for classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago home. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. One 47, a local nurse practitioner found herself at the center of the abortion rights debate. She said she was fired for refusing to provide abortion inducing drugs. Page Casey worked primarily at a CVS Health MinuteClinic in Alexandria. She says in a lawsuit, CVS head for years granted her a religious accommodation based on her Catholic faith that allowed her to opt out of prescribing the drugs, but that the policy changed last year. Her legal team maintains Virginia law, bars employers from taking disciplinary action against employees who object to abortion on moral or religious grounds. A CVS spokesman says the company tries to accommodate religious beliefs, but that sexual health services are an essential part of the job at minute clinics. John Aaron WTO P news. Traffic and weather on the 8th, one 48 with Carlos Ramirez in the traffic center. Thanks so much Ian, the westbound side of I 66. Now, the initial report was that three separate accidents scenes did happen within the same stretch of road here, was found outside of 66 right by nutly street as of now I only see two of those accidents scenes. However, if you're headed westbound, watch out on the right hand side of the roadway, both in the new express lanes as well as on the far most right hand side of the roadway. You should have just a single left lane getting bypassed both of those with minimal delays, which means you will approach at speed. So just be a little extra careful there. If you're headed westbound on 66 near not least street, eastbound side of 66 near 29 in centerville left lane blocked with a work zone there. I 95 has been very quiet so far during this early, early morning, no issues headed towards the Springfield interchange. Three 95 is up to speed as well. In Maryland, branch avenue northbound headed through Clinton, looks like there's an accident scene right as you make your way past Coventry way a little bit of a delay there to swallow police direction unclear how many lanes might be affected there. In the district, you street sounds like it is still closed between 14th street and 15th streets for the police activity through that area against follow police direction, thankfully, plenty of work arounds through that area. It should be just fine. Third street tunnel looks good, so does the southeast Southwest freeway, no issues to report on D.C. two 95 so far. Now, if you're taking 50 between the beltway and outwards and apples, not going to see anything in your way throughout that stretch. And if you're headed across the bay bridge, you do have your standard traffic patterns, two lanes will take you to eastbound and three lanes will take you back westbound. Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. Storm team four is G principally with the forecast for the rest of the holiday weekend. We enjoyed a great start to the holiday weekend. It's going to stay on the humid side, however, as we roll through this Sunday and plenty hot, but at least we'll be rain free. Monday, Labor Day will bring the next chance of showers and storms. So early on this Sunday morning, partly cloudy, comfortable with some patchy fog possible, starting in the lower 70s in the district, 60s in the countryside, partly sunny later on this Sunday. It's going to be hot and humid temperatures to near 90. Labor Day is mostly cloudy warm and humid afternoon and evening showers and storms and middle ladies lower 80s with more showers and storms Tuesday. I'm storm team four meteorologist, Steve prince valley. But as this

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