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A party ain't a party to the west added party ain't a party to the west. To the west adage sick applauding the party to the west added to the west. Party to the west. All the. LBC cooking. It the old eob. What we live in. Looking at me strange. Talking. Of person. Down for the proper way. Get back. That's the point success. If you believe in SUV. The peach. Feel pulled the know how you feel. Doc in Pinole Vinod stupid through. The what? California love California. Gotcha. You might close. My james. Waco, go home with folks. Come in the next episode soul. Older. Woman. Too small. Okay. West coast stand up back to come on few turntables. Now, let's go power. Yesterday. We went to the Mamba sports academy. I am still. I'm still got goosebumps from it man, you know, Garcia and Kobe Bryant got a great French. Like. That's good friends seriously, and you know, Garcia knows I'm sorry. Kobe knows Garcia's family spent some time with his kids your his boys. Got the ultimate throwback Thursday. Pigs you guys are putting a lot on given. Beyond abo- used to babysit Garcia. Yes. Seriously. Win. Kobe was watching Jeff's kids while he was playing like in the middle of the game, you go check on the kids and be like you guys are right guys needed. Oh my God. We'll be before. Right. But dog it was it was dull dole. The MAMBO MAMBO. Walked into the Mamba sports academy. Great facility. What a great staff as well. Right. They walk us in they love Garcia. So it's institutes check in. We get in there. The places amazing. We should go work out there. Oh, God they have like. Right. The athlete. It's just it's just amazing professional athletes framers, well, then you just get inspired by. So we walk in there. Right. And we get into this office. And this is what we're going to do. The interview the officers very small Garcia. How small offhand by ten office on sticking? Tighten their which is crazy. The best basketball players of all time. If you're walking little office with all of us all crammed in as they gotta go man the minute he sees Garcia sound dog in his right knee. Standing there. Like, oh my God. Bryant Kobe Bryant. Here's the thing though. Right. So while they're setting up, I go use the bathroom, and I go to the bathroom, not, you know, go number one, by the way. Sports. Walk. I opened the door. And there's Kobe Brian, bro. He's just he's walking to the sink. No close the door. And I don't even walk in. Let me ask you a question whether other stalls in there. Yes. I'm not walking in there because I've walked in. You know guys that awkward handshake in the bathroom. It's weird. Right. Right. Things are being touched and stuff is being used. I don't know. So just gonna weird. Plus I wanted to give the man some time. That's that's a man's sanctuary the bathroom. So I wanted him and his mom but to have their own time. And I said, listen, I'm not gonna I'm not gonna walk in there and freak out because I would it's either stand outside and wait for him to leave just be like go. Sports academy. So it's all good. Yeah. So so now, we're waiting and then he walks in on the phone right Garcia. Yeah. Go man. He filmed the whole thing. Amazing. Great videos. You could see I g right now. What what did you think when Kobe walked in, bro? Man. It was crazy because they were like Toby's coming in five minutes. So by the hard part, if you don't know what for. He's gonna walk in. And just be like what's up, man? Go straight recording over came in. It was like. Jeff. Ah? He slapped Kuzan. Here's like, I listen to you. Yoyogi bed. Man. I listened in the mornings I'm going to kill it. So does. Humble to man, her boobs. Crazy. Like, I was I was at a loss. Four. Research at one point mid interview Wapping, I just look at each other. Like, this is really happening right now. This is crazy. We're LA kid. Kobe Bryant you fill me yesterday's. I mean, you guys are genuine fans and and to be there in that in that tight of a space. Right. He was yesterday and fun. You know, as it was also happy for you guys were so excited. Jeff had to kick in the data because it was just like being with his two boys. Come on be cool sports academy again big. Thank you to them. I went downstairs to gig wop and Garcia some water. Right. Because I just want to help you know, what I mean equipment. I don't care, bro. Like, I'm just there. I guess it's amazing. I'm thankful for the opportunity. I go downstairs to get some water. And they were like sixty said, yes, I am had the hat on. And they were like anything you need is free and make money here. And there answer was Kobe Bryant. Wow. You're absolutely right. Thank you very much. What a great place was awesome, man. And we'll have more on that in a couple of minutes and what they're doing. They're because they're doing some amazing things for kids high school students cost. Visuals also as well. Locked in a just a great interview with Kobe Bryant, you're going to hear about it. Let's say one clip right here. We asked them about where first of all listening to power. Oh six he's been fan. For a minister check it out back on power one. Oh, six speaking of power. How long you listen to the radio station. More man all the time, Robin, I've been powerless longtime. They know that. Yeah. The Mamba family is a great thing here that is so awesome. And asked them about the Oscar where does he keep the Oscar were we keep an Oscar? Yeah. On the mantle. Okay. Look at that, man. See I need one of those shelves in my house, man. How's how's Vanessa doing new? She had another daughter on the way, she's made gray your energy energy is great. The.

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