Joe Buck, Six Seven Months, Iraq discussed on The Jim Brockmire Podcast


Just theoretically iraq. If you could do that right you could find the or you could find the right person to to pull that off so they. The tube sat on the nerve. That fires my left vocal cord. And i woke up sounding like this. Yeah and i i was. I was like that for the better part of six seven months or in there so all right. Nobody told you this. 'cause nobody knows that had happened joe except for me. But here's what really happened. Okay While you're under anesthesia. I tried to teabag. Joe buck I dressed up like a nurse. And i put on scrubs ho shebang it bother you. Why go to that. I mean to to fool the other people in the room. I was out what. Yeah no i had to get through hospital security and such. So i gotta get back into the joker. Yeah exactly exactly like the heath ledger joker and so. There's a moment if you knew this but whenever somebody's put under anesthesia. There's a moment when all the doctors and nurses they leave the room and they completely stopped paying attention and it's a wonderful time for pranks discovered that over the years so i broke in their in disguise. A hike malaga obama counter. I attempted to teabag you. And i i just was is harmless. I'll just take a photo of it..

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