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The core stupid decor over, if it wins gotta have. So it's probably slutty trunk be perfect. Keep going. Green Bay core. Blue decor, three the perfect number all take two. To lands not three candlesticks sort of rent. Okay. I'm candlestick chills, Aaron and there so not Lou Aaron candlesticks. They're Oltra modern like like metal spikes with all. I mean there. So funny. So then Barbara back to Barbara the girl, she's, she's talking to Sonja about when she got her beams gets, like, oh, my God booths. So by the young girl, and I went to the lack of around she goes, you got beat up. We can see the scars are still very present on your face. Now I have got beat up at all. Yeah. What was happening what they thought touching my because I was the first girl who got boobs. And Sony goes, you got boobs. I know what it's like because I got the two and they would beat me. And my favorite move was to take them by the head and smash them into the, the hairdryer, the hand dryer. You did she's like. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Love doing that anyway. Now back in the car back in the car. My favorite thing. They're driving during two looks out the window at the senior. And she goes, oh, lick at all to look at that old Victorian halted. Yeah. You know what I think 'cause that's where Indians aware. I can't say the Williams trouble and Bethany. Yeah, Dennis say the wrong thing all the time too. He would say oriental and trindon's like and you have that bad that I see here today and Hallo almost poked, my. They had to bleep that out. And I was actually I was like, whoa. I didn't know had become. Like talking to your parents is so funny book, my, I'm Beth, what's the word that, but he's supposed to say into the short people did. Frickley talent. I think it's at worth now. I think that's bad, too little people and Beth. Now. That's pretty bad to the Kyla. No. You know what? Just speak. Hey, I'm haunted houses by decided to conic freeway Hayes, Gupta, Tony shalhoub. So they finally arrive, and, but it is around has would've thought I mean, hey, hey, where's my new hat? I'm excited about it. But I am okay. Where's where's my? And says, yes, she's got a Big Hat, and bribing Alao cowboy Bathenay. Yeah, I wanted to wear. We wanted to reason with this hats here. Whatever. See me, wearing okay in this shitty little remote house that you could call a bungalow, but that's disrespect to all bungalows. Okay. That's. And basically, basically all the ladies look around at this house like this is a small house like this is tiny like they're all giving it kind of shady book, and the welcome. I look at this view my right? I mean we're a little late for fall foliage. But not too late for eagle leads gentlemen, the eagle. Yeah. And bad things like this is charming. I saw the pictures of the five million dollar house and in the six million dollar house and at that was ridiculous. But this is manageable, because it's a bungalow. So during this like. You know, seems a little isolating an isolated. You're saying that if I was trying not to drink this, or Blitzer driving. Drink also, I'm pretty sure it's hard to. Honked, his little. Such does like you know what heating diamond the boondocks where the drift plays, right? Diver and bribes like, yeah, but you know this one, the WADA I love their seed with each other. They're real estate sane. Exactly. I mean it's by the way, it's a beautiful view with really small, but it's a beautiful view..

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