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How IBM Bill, technology to help Nazis murdered Jews during World War Two hashtag tech, won't build it was the. Theme many of the organizers were women and people of color others had non-conventional paths into tech a lot of people that have done boot camps and. Stuff for like maybe they were baristas you. Know and so they're not necessarily like haven't, been like indoctrinated with a lot of. The mythology of the tech industry areas Giovanni is a mechanical engineer his parents were. Working class immigrants and he did residential construction for four years he. Says the job let him experience class struggle in a way he wouldn't have any privileged university or high Paying tech job. Duvalier's organizing learning sessions. Of the coalition to teach tech workers about the labor. Movement they recently had a walking, tour of one thousand nine hundred eighty four general strike in San Francisco start here because we, get a. Little bit of perspective union activists Gifford Hartman leads the tour along embarcadero explains the tech workers how unions shutdown San. Francisco for over eighty days. Back in one thousand nine hundred eighty four you know if people are never. Given the history of, fighting back they never tried to fight back. Because they don't know what they're building upon Today tech workers are starting to protest following the lead of workers who came. Before them the tech workers coalition supported Salesforce employees at a recent rally outside of the company's headquarters than six hundred and fifty of the company's employees sign. An open, letter protesting how Salesforce provide software to customs and border protection remember that worker who said she felt isolated after Trump's election she spoke out at the rally. A couple of my friends put this together and we're hoping to, send a message to Salesforce to the tech companies that tech will build it Cancel the contract this isn't the only reason worker action Microsoft employees recently spoke out against the company's ongoing business with immigration and customs enforcement Amazon workers are criticizing.

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