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Rb Computing Web bowl for today at Jimmy? Jam Should Pete Rose be reinstated. Now Pete Rose is filed for reinstatement statement to Major League baseball because of the handling of the Astros signed stealing scandal is that opened the door pete rose to be reinstated and thus be considered for the hall of fame. Does it change anything at all. Basically Pete Rose's stepping up today and saying to Major League Baseball. Hey Hey you're not banning them for life. Why am I banned for life right right so you know? Maybe the guy doesn't have a point I guess. But here's the thing with Pete rose it has been so long now and so much in the news about this every year it comes up every year at some point in the year it comes up about Pete Rose Somehow someway a you know someone breaks a record or his base stealing deal or whatever and it always comes up and everyone says the same thing. No No. You're not getting in if they put him in. Now though. Steve if you were Pete rose would you really want to be put in there now and and so he gets put in this year and and then everyone who walks through the hall of fame. Everyone's GonNa Walk to but let me tell you about. PM Rolls Okay. His He needs an open heroes. Okay so I say if I don't WanNa go in there. I think the reason it won't happen. Is that think about it for a SEC. Pete rose is asking for. Reinstatement the Major League Baseball. And he's basically saying that because of Major League Baseball's dumb decision to not ban all the Houston Houston Astros for life. The way they did. Pete rose therefore I should not be banned for life. Or you're asking Major League baseball to do. There is admit that the astro punishment I was dumb. Major League. Baseball is GONNA do that like if Pete Rose has any hope of this. Don't deal with Major League Baseball. The only way he can get this done I think a court of law. Yeah well maybe on the other hand you know the guy has a point guys appoint. I just don't think Major League Baseball is gonNA listen to it. Well there's certainly going to do it right away. That's for sure. But someone's GonNa come in you know what we've got an issue here. I will say this I think Pete rose. I'm definitely understanding why he's doing doing this. I just don't think you'll have any legs stand on with Major League Baseball. Yeah and and Pete. Rose's infraction was betting on sports betting on baseball. All and to me that leaves open a whole massive can of worms. That's that to me is worse than cheating. I think so too. cheaters are trying to win. That's right that's the that's the deal I've always had with Pete. Rose it goes. Well I bet I only bet on our team did you really. Did you really. Who knows right and it doesn't matter either? The only way that that would have any legs is if he bet on his team every single game of his managerial career. Otherwise what are you telling the betting community dirty on the days. You don't bet on your team even if you're betting on your own team to win by twenty runs I every single time it's still the optics are horrible. And you can't have it. And and every major sport has to clamp down on it and throw the book at Major League Baseball did regardless of what happened with the Houston Astros and regardless of what. The decision was in the punishment. I don't blame baseball for keeping their heels dug in So some of the feedback we got on this poll meltdown. Radio Radio Meltdowns. CKC You Charlie. Hustle is eight dollar haircut. They belong in Cooperstown set. Says it's a bad haircut Well it's not hair. Jim Set writes yes. Do you want to elaborate on that at all Jim bus driver Bruce Russillo one writes yeah. It's been long enough but do it with an asterisk just like the steroid guys put them all in be done with it. Aroma bean rights rose should be in the hall with a big asterisk beside his name for why he's banned from baseball the MLB screwed up the chance to send a message to all the cheaters. Their punishment of the Astros rose is a joke. Their championship should be voided and have asterisks everywhere. He likes the asterisks. You can't do that if you start doing that. Steve is like Jim Jerome in the hall of fame although he was four hundred home run home run shy and a bunch of wins short of it. So we'll put a little star beside him but we're GONNA put them in villains. Just put it in a house of villains at the hall and then just be like should we go in there. Oh kids away from come away from there while he probably the most popular popular place at Cooperstown if you had a hall of villains or how civilians whatever hockey lobster rights put them in the hall already snipe and Chirp if the Astros can keep their championships ships. I don't see how they cannot reinstate him and Sean Blackburn writes he needs to be in the hall. Rose is a great story in the Major League Baseball history straight. Thank you for all your feedback today. Ladies and gentlemen but will the Astros get to keep their championship. We don't know yet. Thank roses thing is have been no players who've been banned for life out of this whole thing even though they've been some really really guilty party us again. I really do you want to go in now. And everyone's going to fucking cheater. The Web Paul is presented by RB computing..

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