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Is big brother i sat through and listened to you ramble on the let that frigging computer talk for like four minutes she just kept going all right go ahead about your double dare it's also sorry it's awesome watch it great it's like watching balloon races at nothing it is you need a little more whimsey israelite races with like eleven year old wheelbarrow race yeah can't you just go on your own backyard and see that polluters it's great it's this easy going you need some whimsey in your life john animated no you're like a witch from a children's novel i believe you have the capacity for good you've just lost your way lorde listen to comedy central is doing that bruce willis roast and cybill shepherd is gonna roast him oh okay that means nothing what she here it's a she together okay and it's going to be there kevin pollack jeffrey ross of course because he's always there and nobody else you care about more will be announced later july twenty ninth okay hosted by joseph gordon levitt also an extremely talented person with underrated yeah oh he is great there was talk that he was in the dark knight rises spoiler he was robin and there was a thought that after the dark knight rises which was the christopher excuse me the christian bale christopher nolan trilogy was that would be the next batman batman at the end of that movie kind of leaves him everything and i thought oh get into that and then it went to ben affleck yeah have you seen the joseph what's his face gordon levitt movie about the twin towers about tight the wire yes yeah very interesting it's probably too slow and weird for you but it was very i i liked it i don't like it when movies feel independent i prefer them i want to look like there was money thrown out see not me jurassic world me up i do like that one though have you seen lady ban on wire oh man on wire the wire is a is a show yes it is have you seen lady bird yet i have seen lady bird what did you think oh no no no no i haven't i'm sorry i saw brooklyn the other sir sharon picture that got a lot of critical acclaim have you seen the florida project no watched the trailer seemed you watch that i watch them play in a row i did a lot i like i like i like shows about adult lessons in little kids in groups of kids twilight stranger things yeah yeah i get that feels nostalgic i would like to you know what i think is now available on demand a quiet place watch it i would love to good and i am i don't i'm not a scary movie person it's really good you know who i get civil shepherd confused with yes is is that okay yeah all right very much so okay and just just i read something this morning i can't find it i roseanne remember we were talking about how jerry seinfeld said why don't we just recast her yeah right castro zana it happens all the time they did it with becky it looks like they can't because she owns the rights to that character isn't that interesting is boy that's when you know an agent is working on all sorts of protection for prior to any of this even happening yeah totally that's the smartest thing to do time to play gas that celebrities we will start with cybill shepherd ooh boy oh boy okay more shepherd cybill shepherd is this age seventy one she's only sixty eight i'm sorry civil jodie foster that's not celebrities age jodie foster is i bet she's around ellen's age so i'm going to say fifty jodi foster fifty five years old okay closest without going over okay all right kathleen turner on boy seventy three sixty four what kathleen turner sixty four yes i'm sorry you have no hope at today i'm usually really good at this game bruce willis bruce willis is sixty three he is she goes dang thing yeah couple more mel gibson mel gibson guess the age sixty six gibson sixty two years old jason statham very attractive to the nineties forty eight years old fifty years old and finally.

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