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Oh, I and then the clutches men on earth Aguayo pulled them level in and I think I can say with a heavy heart and crying is that Aguayo might be one of the more clutch soccer players in this world. Expecially for Manchester City English Premier League championship races on the final day fucking God damnit. He's cluj. Yeah. Do you? Can you finally admit there's two people we got we got to have a little intervention about Sergio guero. Are you going to finally put them in your top five? Strikers. Is it going to ever happen? Is that no he's still not because rather have all the top five strikers that are on that list on my team before I'd rather have Sergio Aguayo, I think Sergio Guera was a phenomenal player. But in terms of just skill. I'd rather have all those players head of guero, man. I think that that's just going to be my opinion for for now and forever and may be wrong. Maybe. I'll fuck him die on this hill. Watch me, motherfuckers. So I think he's a phenomenal phenomenal team player and captain clutch himself, but I just can't put him in my top five players ever. That's that's just my personal belief. But this Manchester City team, dude like you said it don't look like it's going anywhere. And it makes me super fucking sad, man. And the other players going to bring up with Muhammad Salah. Like, you can't we admit no come on, dude. You have to how how when he scored one goal against the top six. He's so. It's fine. Like in back. It ain't gonna cut it. Oh my God. Not for me back Aguayo. I gave you a guero. I gave you a takes. Did it? Give me. Oh queiro. I kinda give you a guero did twenty percent did not. But the guys backed back golden boot in which I will, you know, it's an asterik it is being shared with peer. Tom jahnke. And also saudi-omani three African born players sharing the golden boot, which is wild. But also a three way tie for the golden boot, which we're talking on the phone. I guess like yesterday like what the I don't remember three way tie little own a two way tie in quite some time. No, man. I have to Google to find out the last time it was but in the past ten years, I cannot remember but just a huge shoutout to Africa for place in their stamp in the English Premier League, crushing it..

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