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I was on leave at the time just duck in the fog nosing around like a hungry dog crazy place called washington dc i saw a crowd of people on the white house long all carrying signs about the so let's see what was going on strings but then i never could understand some people fella to me with a listener hand said we're gather names to send a telegram of sympathy then he handed me a plan i said i reckon this has gone to the kids in the wives my friends over there who given their lives and he said about it this is going to hold she i said ho chee who ho tsim in people's leader lott vietnam andrea share house here they ride i got my ears were hurting my pulse started hitting that i thought about another telegram i just read telling my buddy's wife that her husband was dead wasn't too long i love the hell a sign that said we won't find myself boy that right he'd rather let a soldier die instead it's a shame that ever man wherever diet there in that far off lands style that you wouldn't have to wake up dead plus he looked at me like crazy just another war monger all i left that place downtown hit the first far that i've found myself off pacify my brain say i was on orders to vietnam little place just north of saigon had about an hour to catch myself and play so all i mean to say is like diane either the man i ain't gonna crawl all right three songs from nineteen sixty eight by artists who went onto rather lengthy careers in the field of country music i'm we opened up with john hartford doing his song gentle on my mind which came out on his gentlemen my mind and other originals album in nineteen sixty eight it also was of reasonably good sized hit for glen campbell that year and it's really kind of the song that put both glen campbell and john hartford on the map i would say in terms of country music glenn of course went on to become a country music superstar john hartford went on to record oh a couple dozen quirky but very good good albums if you're not familiar with john check him out the next two songs were both songs written by chris christopherson and i wanted to play a couple of kris kristofferson songs because nineteen sixty eight was really a couple years before chris made it big in nashville if you will made it big as as as both a a song writer and a performer but his his sons were already getting getting getting covered by by some folks by sixty eight we heard right dress key doing jody and the kid from his album of the same name in that song went to number twenty four and nineteen sixty eight on the country charts and we closed that set out with dave dudley doing vietnam christopher strivers vietnam blues this is this is my one deviation from nineteen sixty eight folks i wanted to play autrian man's version of vietnam blues which came out in sixty eight and i could not find a copy of it so i played a i i plugged in dave dudley's version of yet nam blues which i think came out in sixty seven interesting song chris's politics were a little different when he wrote that one or at least he he was writing for country music audience that whose politics were a little different an interesting example of early kris kristofferson though vietnam blues are featured artist this morning in our retrospective look at country music in nineteen sixty eight has been merle haggard and in addition to putting out three albums and having two number one songs in nineteen sixty eight merle haggard also appeared in a movie called killers three that was produced by dick clark of american bandstand fame and released by american international pictures roger korman's operation merle both merle and his wife bonnie owens had had parts in that movie so merle did it all he sang he wrote san's he acted big year from rural haggard but we're gonna we're gonna listen to be we're going to open up the set by listening to a cut from the killers three soundtrack and it's appropriately named killers three merle haggard you ever hear this story three daydream of california the new destiny e three e.

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