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Hurd message out some republicans are worried that trump's tweets may jeopardizes travel ban case is on its way to the supreme court trump also recently you social media to criticised london's mayor in the wake of this weekend's terrorist attack today the british foreign secretary boris johnson was asked about then then frankly a preview our control the city by comparison with uh the world would you will have him on saturday night at the importance of getting the right response johnson says london's mayor was saying something really very reasonable about how there was no need for the public to be alarmed by the presence of armed officers on the streets wikileaks founder julian assange is throwing his support behind the woman who's been charged with leaking classified material to the media old reality winner worked with the federal contractor and his accused of leaking information about a supposed russian hacking attempt right before the election he faces up to ten years in prison if convicted assange who was holed up in the ecuadorian embassy in london asked the public debec winner he says he's accused of courage in trying to help us no he also tweeted that it doesn't matter wikileak the report because acts of non elite sources communicating knowledge should be strongly encouraged joe comas nbc news radio washington australian authorities say they consider yesterday's deadly standoff in melbourne too be a terrorist attack police fatally shot the man after they say he killed another man and took a woman hostage the man reportedly called the offices of a tv network inside quote this is four islamic state this is for alqaeda bill cosby sexual assault trial is underway again today the seventy nine year olds.

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