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Winter outdoor dining. A reality details are on our Web site. W BB on newsradio dot com Nears time, five await traffic and weather together on the eights and he is clearly Got a big problem here. North Bound lakeshore Drive. Your solid soldier filled the Balboa. You got fire department activity. The right lane is blocked south on typical slow down Michigan Avenue down to Chicago. Eaton's out, still struggling crash sitting on the right shoulder of Dundee. 33 minutes too late Cook Road and about his 27 with capers. Delays on Kennedy 13 Montrose eight Express about 33 to O'Hare 31 on the inbound ride from here about 17 coming in off the junction. 32 demand I have 45 23 90 inbound is 43 from the 3 90 about 27 minutes, man. I'm into the Jane Byrne upon Stevenson 38 just to get to the tri state Still 53 minutes to 3 55. Been awfully slow is well 40 from veterans 30 from 2 94 up on on the right now, 35 minutes and it'll take 23 57 good, But you're still jammed on the out bomb vision Ford, So keep that in mind. It's 45 minutes from the Ryan to 80 due to crash in the two F lanes of 130th North Point on the tristate the one song you Down now, Heavy approaching your Jane Adams stowaway crashed in the two right lanes but the rest of the road such pay for cleared out nicely eastbound 1994 still heavy Kennedy Decline Bar over to Broadway won't help us with our coverage. We are here You can always call us the W BBM traffic tip line. 8557 80 Road. Next traffic aboard 5 18 news ready of 7 81 of 5.9 of them. Patchy clouds warm and sticky Tonight Accurate, says Love 75 Sunny, breezy, Very hot human tomorrow with a high of 96 much the same Thursday with temperatures.

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