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Remember remember game six eight. Nothing blowout I get to see that game live because I had the ultimate dilemma. Acdc was in town that nights out. Okay so were they. Were playing at the glue that night though they were playing at Star Lake so my first of the penguins ever winning the COP was Brian. Johnson comes out. I do terrible mutations Pittsburgh. Congratulations you wanted to Stanley Cup. And then on the big screen. They showed abuse gate. The place goes Omar. God that was the right at the airport because everyone who likes towards from from the from the concert. I never knew that that's see. Now that makes perfect sense. That was already twenty thousand people at Star Lake. Who just went right to the airport? That of course I did not ever the one time I was saying. I went back to my buddy's house that we neatly into VCR ALL DAY. Were just like how can we go to the concert? Well it's game. Six was the ultimate Allama knowing. They was just incredible. Joe Do you remember where in the concert they were when that happened? Like was it right in the beginning was at the encore somewhere in the middle and unless I was losing which could have possibly been happening. I think Brian Johnson came out with a tin foil. Stanley up. It was running around but I just remember the big screen and and kind of everything went black. Because it's like was only regaining. The of regaining six. It was a whole lot of drinking that day. Yeah I bet. I bet it was close to the encore. By the time you find out because you'd have to seven o'clock game gets done around ten o'clock and it was. It was just phenomenal feeling. Everyone just lost their imagine. Acdc and Stanley Cup. All the one night I mean everyone just lost their minds and then of course the legendary celebration in the park. It was so funny because there is no parades really. China Lake. The normal penguins fans been there through the eighties and Elvis showed up really. I've seen I thought it was. Isn't that the one? When was it ninety two when he said? Let's let's go down to the river and party. Ninety one. Ninety two was at three rivers stadium. Erase the Tarp Pot on the field of Bryan Trottier was doing the Rick Dempsey thing and running on the tarp with diving and do it all kind of sliding i. I think you're wrong on that crowd. The job ever oppressive in terms of the amount of people that were there. Okay maybe I we still gonNA days and I know that. Because I've parked up by IGLOO. They had been they busted media in and it was. It was stopped to get there and I lived on the north side. I just remember walking down just kind of like walking on it so unlike the last upwards been absolutely ticker tape parade you know a us to relive the championships. Like I've been saying least we have a whole bunch to look back on while we don't have hockey for the moment but Nice to get your perspective on things. Joe Partic host of soft dumps. Thanks so much man. Always get a check in with the feel. Yeah Man. I'm hanging in there dismissing Hawk but other than that survives I love. You guys backed up. I'm glad we got zoomed in now at all. It sounds good now. We're good to go but we'll talk to you next week. Man Hanging all right guys..

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