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The international order rather than to try to revise it but then hitler comes to power and he begins proactively the finely to work against the recite war stalin on the other hand has different motivation from the british british wanna deal that brings germany back into europe with a tweak a slight revision oversaw stolen is against the entire international order if so facto because imperialist capitalist imperialist as he calls but he's fearful that all of the imperial powers will form a coalition and gang up on him to invade and overthrow his regime and so he spends wall his time trying to prevent unimpeded realist or all capitalists coalition he wants to drive a wedge between the british and the french and germany so he spends a lot of time recruiting germany away from the british and the french this happens before hit look comes to power nineteen thirty three but it continues even after hitler's come to power hitler is spouting the most venomous in his speeches the most venomous anticommunist antisoviet anti russian antibolshevik verbiage imaginable and yet stalin still because he's motivated by this geopolitical understanding of preventing all imperials coalition stalin believes that he can avoid an attack on himself and he can somehow get the imperialists that is the capitalist powers to go to war against each other he can get a socialist revolution in germany or in france so his motivation and chamberlain's motivation coincide in the sense of both are attempting to recruit hitler away from the other and to to their side but obviously for different motivation and on august twenty third nineteen twenty nine nineteen thirty nine a big important yes of course august twenty third nineteen thirty nine right thank you it's amazing i can i can put my my pen down on any page in this book and you can make sure the date right you can lift that book alone impressive august twenty third nineteen thirty nine you're walking ribbentrop yes is in moscow yes and he signs and vr love molotov the soviet foreign minister cosigns a packed a non aggression pact yes between nazi germany and the soviet union stalin standing in the background the pictures show looking quite contented yes he was this is the high hi point of his diplomacy he's got hitler promising not only that it won't invade but that the soviet union they have bits of poland yes september first thirty nine the nazis invade poland seventeen days later the soviets invaded they also with within a period of months they pick up the baltic states south of poland they move into arabia so they move westward across a whole front yes they as a result of this nonaggression pact so i guess what the puzzle here is to what extent stung knows that hitler hates him that hitler has been talking about slot slavic subhumans rights phrase similar to that in mind cars stalin wants to defeat the entire west and yet he's willing to he's willing to make this agreement with nazi germany on behalf of what the old czarist impulse to the to retake old czar's territory what is going on here and how does it fit with in part one you stressed again in part one of this conversation you stressed again and again stalin his a communist true believer how does that packed fit with his communist true belief you're right the communists were shocked at the pack and in fact many of them repudiated their communist beliefs because they thought that communism was anti fascist to the core and the idea of doing a pact with hitler the nazi whom they call the fascist was beyond belief was very disillusioning for many true believers especially particularly or at least in part in this country communist party and this was terrible moment for them it was a blow right it was an emotional psychological blow i have to say the pact among the nazis was also blow because nazis work committed against what they call judeo bolshevism while the communist regime and the idea of doing even a temporary marriage of convenience with the communist was anathema to the nazi rank and file also but hitler and stalin didn't have to stand before the voters and so they could impose these packs which vicious seemed to vitiate the ideological precepts but here's the thinking once again in the competition with chamberlain for hitler's favour stalin one and what does that mean that meant that stalin had been able to turn hitler westward when hitler invaded poland on september first nineteen thirty nine few days after following some hesitation britain and france the.

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