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Fifty years ago we're looking back at what happened there you know it's interesting is that a lot of people as some people anyway are going to go see that movie once upon a time in Hollywood the Tarantino film and they're going to wonder if any of those characters in there have any resemblance of anybody of it had to do with the Spahn ranch for the murders I remember the character of the the stunt man played by Brad Pitt I thought to myself this could be Shorty Shea the guy that does I you know that even though he doesn't die a big Shorty Shea was murdered of course as it is I think I had a friend of mine named cerra has called me and she said you know other it might Manson killed other people as of all of course I mean it was the the story of Shorty Shea Q. tells the story of the stunt man Shorty Shea that there was killed but by Manson or or by when the guy with the some of the followers of the tex Watson was involved in several others well Shorty Shea was not sure he was six four and I think Brad get this like five eight or five nine so look anything like in sure he was a ranch hand at Spahn ranch and he knew that Manson and the family were up to no good so he was trying to get them kicked off of the the ranch and the Manson knew that dancing is that Shorty conspired with the neighboring rancher at Frank writes German fellow to to try and get the family off the ranch and so Manson was angry at sorry for that he was also angry it sure the history list white and sure sure he was married to a black one and that was just the death of stars the Nancy was concerned so those were those were the two the two main reasons and Manson thought that sure he had tipped off the police there was a big great on Spahn ranch on August sixteenth nineteen sixty nine after the murders for the card and of course there were a lot of stolen cars on the ranch but it ended up but no one got prosecuted because there were so many people and they couldn't try any of the vehicles to any any particular person but with the chase chase at the time I prosecuted the I currently do Bruce Davis who was Manson's taking tennis for the murders of Gary Hinman and Donald Shorty Shea analysts say case at that time was only the the third case and US history where a prosecutor was able to get a first degree murder conviction when the body of the victim has not been found and one very interesting thing in the case keep tryin establish the date as a shortage the all the director of park observatory and the the Spahn ranch had burned down by that time but with this burger boy.

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