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And resource is at AARP dot org's slash caregiving brought to you by Air P and the Ad Council contractor's license 10 47 71. Can I met an acey Take who thought he might want to come work for us was excellent or just average. Oh, he was excellent. Did Sadie like him? Wag your tail and everything? What's it gonna take? He only wanted two things and I gave him both of you. What were they first He wanted to know. While we only charge $129 for an A C rejuvenation. Was he satisfied? Yeah. When I told him you just want people to like you. He started laughing and said, when you do all that work for just $129 people are definitely gonna like what else he wanted to know if we really and truly do things the right way, Not the easy way. What did you say? I just told him to walk out of the warehouse and asked the other a C technicians. He came back A few minutes later, With his eyebrows jacked up on his forehead 2.5 matches. He looked at me and shouted, Zack, I want to forget. Joey ti tl dot com. Let's be honest about our daily oral care routine is a bit of a process. Most of us don't do it right and nobody really likes doing it. It's all leading to problems when we finally have that's dental checkup we've been putting off I'm Simon and of a founder of quip, abets away to Kafeel mouth. We make your daily or okay routine most simple, affordable and even enjoyable without ultra slim and simple to use electric toothbrush a kid's brush they actually look forward to using refreshed Pigments and watermelon, anti cavity, toothpaste and floss that is refillable to reduce waste, all accepted by the American Dental Association. We also deliver fresh brush heads, toothpaste and flattery fails automatically.

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