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What does article forty six this does it say you commissioner have to make himself available for testimony if it doesn't say that skip there's not a court that will that will lift this dan i'm not sure about this one this one's going to be different because this one has somebody on the inside saying the process wasn't just flawed it was rigged against easy kill elliot i think that might stand up in court fact of the matter is that coq vet the article forty six of the cba since roger good deal has final in all say not only can he room he also reserve the right to hear the appeal now we know what the skip your memory 2014 when the scandal hit with all this domestic violence you had a ray rise adrian peterson you had greg hardy the commissioner lean heavy on six guys the called the big six jerry jones mr craft john mara mr dan rooney daniel snyder in jerry richardson when this was going on look look who released statements start early standing behind roger goodell i i got it but remember the difference this time it's one thing to accuse a star quarterback of deflating football's it's yet another thing too accuses star running back of domestic violence obama care nothing about the scale i should say that let me take their back skilled jerry upset that his star running back might miss six games the issue in which eu march led to be on a burden but a court will be a little more openminded in sympathetic to the idea we are going to brand him as a domestic.

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