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That's just been tremendously unlucky throughout his career and really the only dry turf race that he got in those final three starts of twenty eighteen came in the sword dancer, where the glorious empire more or less just kinda cruised along on a on a very firm, very hard. And turf course that he was never never really going to quit on it never really was going to be able to cut into that margin. And he actually did pass. If is so highlands guy horse that that shown some ability in the past many Franko can keep him keep him out of trouble. Let him make that one run. If they move at least a little bit in front of him. He can get there. But boy, I mean ninety two is just really and that feels like a around a fair price. Just he's the kind of horse that you feel like if you're right about you wanna get rewarded a little bit more. Let's go back to the fountain of youth, neck and talk about one of your favorite BBC approaches. And that's I suppose a try. Let's let's put together try. It's here for people, which will probably be the game builder concept. Maybe maybe. Try and and late double perhaps, maybe that's what we'll do for tomorrow. But talk about how you leverage the understanding that hitting the scroll is very much a likely winner. But if you're going to try to make money in this race, how do you do it? Yeah. I think you know, my my best approach here. Trifecta wise would be to to key code of honor bourbon, Warren signalman and toss pin squirrel and relegate him to the to the the minor slots and play one four six one four six with one to four five six seven eight nine, and that's going to be a base bet of eighteen dollars for every fifty cents. So you would you would put them first and second first and third and second and third and what you'd be hoping for their obviously. I mean, the scores if they run one-two-three what you'd be hoping for is that somebody would. That obviously hidden skull does not fire and that descends up just being a little bit too much for him to soon. And in that case, I think you have the three next three likeliest probably three of the four likeliest winners after that. Because for me is a horse that that they're asking a lot of first off the layoff going. Milena sixteenth going to turns it looks like a pressure packed race. I know he has a running style very conducive to Gulfstream Park. But that's he's going to be a little too short a price for me to to want to to consider. And that is where I think you get just in a value on code of honor bourbon war signalman. So run it down again one four six one four six three by two. And then the five that get added in the in the third slot. One four would be the two four five. I'm sorry. The two five seven eight nine who you'd add in the third spot. Well, actually, right, right. The ticket takings if you went right one four six one four six with one to four five six seven eight nine very good. There you go. And then from there. I mean that opens you up to a few possibilities where if you wanna come back, and you wanna key one of those horses a lot of times what I'll do especially in a no contest setting is I'll come back and of those three whoever you liked the best. Let's say at signalman, and you might play six with one four, and then you might narrow it down again and you played six with one four with one to four five six seven, and what you're gonna do is hit that a couple of times. Because I mean, that's that's a base bet of of just. Eight dollars for dollar so and then in in in an effort to mix that around a little bit..

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