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It was just a couple of years after the end of were one. There was like a red scare at that time right. They didn't want you said bolsheviks nikki they didn't want bolsheviks coming in. But then i think it connected with this sinoe phobia. That people had in the fact that they didn't like a lot of jews coming in and a lot of italians coming in. And how do you pick apart. What was sort of rational national policy and what was just hayden fear and racism and xenophobia. We gotta say it was all in there. Yeah and it can be difficult to have those conversations about what the motivations were because so much of this history gets wiped out in some ways or we just don't we just don't tell it in detail. We think of the us prior to the twentieth century as a place with immigration restrictions. Right we think the us restricting based on national origin but not on political ideology but of course this period people were being turned away left and right because what their politics were which would seem to clash with our ideas of the us. Is this place where you have a first amendment right to whatever politics that you want and so because we don't tell accurate enough things about our past. It's difficult to draw. Good lessons from him Let's start to wrap up a little bit but brian. I wonder if we can talk a little bit just about how immigrants have shaped new york and her story of immigration in particular as related to new york. Your show is such a home for immigrant. Voices and sort of you know really does treat new york as the city of immigrants and i'm just wondering like over the course of your time on the radio like how you've seen immigration change and shape the city in different immigrant communities leave their mark on on new york city over the last thirty forty years or you know doing what we call a local radio show and there is a national element. I guess i might as well plug it. There's a thing called. Brian lehrer a daily politics podcast but doing primarily a local show. Our definition of local is anything of interest to people in new york listening area and that wind job including so many things that are international. Because lives here. When you look at new york today there were so many nationalities here in fairly large numbers because of the immigration act of nineteen sixty five which reopened immigration after forty years of restriction after the ellis island era and the nineteen twenty s laws. That nikki was talking about the shut. It down now. There are people from everywhere in fairly substantial numbers..

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