Congress, Russia, New York discussed on Bloomberg Surveillance


The democrats also are piling on in that i think the problem in the following when it was president obama saying let's borrow money to build out infrastructure because interest rates are historically ethically low now would be the time to do it the republicans were not going to allow him two moral to do that and now that the republicans in control the democrats are not going to allow the reverse a half the republican party wooden before that and so they would need support of the democrats and the democrats say wait a minute you know you you don't wanna do it the way we that we've historically done it you know you you want to go to turn it over to the private sector um so i think that where they are still i don't know if you've done there steve levin a free economic says done it but the gas tax is always a third rail particularly across all of rule america are we just really back to you know where somebody says in the oval office mr hasse it or others i'm sorry mr president but you can't get a hicks who because it's a third rail in kansas is that were we really are i don't know you know you saw uh senator cornyn from tech which of all states you'd think he texas would be the among the most anti guest tax uh talk about the gas tax you know not in a positive way but to the completely ruled out uh but into wishing is is what you say the congress is not going to be a green tea crossed party lines on on nast let's let's tobacco's to go through this the former chairman of the prince's council of economic advisers added looking it infrastructure projects and digging 45 at leamington road coventry in warwick shari's isaiah were be put should some of that thank you can try it did coventry england they're doing the infrastructure now the news in new york city here's michael barr drowns out of a bank you very much there was no mention of the russia investigation during last night state of the.

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