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Carson. Show podcast I'm your host comedian will Schreiner a frequent guest on tonight show so I had a little bit of insight into what went on over there where today's podcast from March thirty first nineteen eighty two Janis. Monologue includes a few fun ideas things about getting an obscene phone call. Which I'm sure many of you have gotten a few of us have made okay? Maybe once Johnny gets a little upset with people taking the monologue a little too seriously. Johnny Johnny also jokes about Burbank's restaurant row two guys from Calcutta. The famed restaurant row is of course on. Lana but johnny got a lot of mileage about making fun of the restaurants in Burbank. The guests on today's podcast or Joey Lawrence and my old friend. The late Joan rivers now Joan was a frequent guest on the tonight. Show Joan. Don't even hosted tonight show many many times and eventually went on to leave. Johnny go to Fox and do her own show which was the subject of a huge fallout route. Between Johnny and Joan. Joan slate show on Fox. Didn't last very long and I think it compromise their friendship. I've been very lucky as a comedian. I've worked with Joan rivers many sometimes we Co headlined up at CAESARS. Tahoe and I remember her saying You do forty five minutes and I'll do forty five minutes and I was thinking well Joan. You're making the big money. And and she said but I don't have to work as hard so I to me. John was such a sweet lady. She was a workaholic. She always looked at her calendar and if she saw open dates she was ready to fill them in I Love Joan. She was very gracious. Very generous. I've had many experiences once where I was on crutches coming into Kennedy Airport and she obviously obviously a car service and and she said. You don't need a ride do I. So we I. I wouldn't mind to ride because I've gotten these crutches and she said Okay I go you you can have a ride. I go because if he didn't give me ride Joan. I was going to tell everybody how you left me at the curb at Kennedy on crutches. So it's best that we we never let that happen anyway. Joan rivers. There's a wonderful guest a frequent guest frequent host and a great lady On Hollywood the Johnny Carson Show. This is Ed McMahon inviting you to join Johnny and his guests for a look back at some of television's funniest moments. Nobody's ladies the Journal. Uh Yeah Nice. I'm on judging from ovation. You have.

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