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By colson. whitehead jenkins also directed the films. Moonlight and if beale street could talk. Did you get to see a lot of movies when you were growing up. I didn't i. Didn't you know we would go to the movies. A saw really big budget American films at the army plaza You know i remember seeing things like Coming to america the color purple you know kid. Play was big. You know. I remember seeing house party in class act and things like that. What did you want to become a filmmaker. It was interesting. We were just talking about my mom so much that first semester film school was really brutal at florida state university. I entered the film school and in the first semester realized. I was a bit in over my head. I didn't know you needed light to expose film and some a technically i was Far behind my peers. You know. I had to question a lot of things you know. The question was not good at this. Because you know. I'm black and poor. And i grew up in the projects with a moment to crack cocaine or do i just not have access to the tools. These kids have had How about just not been privileged. These kids have been and i took a year often. This was around nine. Eleven and came back and i made a short film. People were saying being apple being muslim and america's the new block. I knew what it felt. Like to be black in america and through my research reading and and watching these films knew that films and empathy machine. I thought. Oh if i can figure out a way to empathize with these people and make a film. Maybe there's a way that i can hold us my voice and so i made a film about this arab american couple washing american flags for free. You know as a sign of a patriotism called it my josephine and i made that thing And it worked. I'm really proud of that short and In right away. I realize the first time in my life where these perceived handicaps that i thought i had I just i just blasted through them. I disprove those thoughts. That i have in the back of my mind about myself and i thought oh i can do this for a living. Hell yeah i just been chasing it.

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