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Barrel comex gold also little changed down eighty cents to thirteen twenty to sixty announce the euro had dollar 23 away the n 105 point six nine and bitcoin is up four and a half percent at eleven thousand five hundred twenty three dollars that's a bloomberg business flash tomen pimm fox will march cure and we appreciate true she was nearly seventeen drove reaches negative 163 it deters should the two right now i call common broad come our goods days of our laws announce soon of us in with this who's just outstanding in the spurs but i gotta ask you one question before i wonder by the microsoft store on fifth avenue i was on the other side of the street the other day non is it like a billboard for microsoft is expensive billboard there was on without exaggeration there were forty people in the store and i'm probably exaggerating what are they doing in the consumer space one of the things that microsoft and and they're taking a page out of apple spoke in nag they want you to get an get it into their products get a sense of there is nobody restore you don't wanna bowling bowl through the second floor and you're not going to hurt anybody one of the problems with the pc market is that it's relatively undifferentiated to one of the things that microsoft is trying to do is create a high end niece for their surface oriented pc products and have you tried him out if you may at the microsoft store so you can understand the differences third detected touchy feed the aspect the pc market to the extent that they remain and c they're worth paying 1200 to fifteen hundred dollars per unit can we switch from a lot of money compared to what i was gonna say the only place you really see people in this stores up on the top level where they have the actual video games and particularly one of the big driving games because and you get to sit at something that will you let in the store i went and check that out when they first opened at his highpriced real estate right next to tommy hill figure i just don't get well you're you.

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