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Can order the top obey teachers what Kevin Hart picked up on this in this is Kevin Hart calling out Tom Brady for taking the name top obey from the well listen to popular Dan Patrick show yeah and what what a humble moved to call Tampa Tampa sure you don't the land there how we think about Tampa Bay Tom cook yeah you know we know yeah boy this is our stupid idea we were stupid way before time was way before yeah we kind of bug cornered the market on stupidity yes it's trademarked our stupidity yes Tang right out from under us soon what we weren't smart enough we were stupid enough we just weren't smart enough nobody produces content aster than us an actor and I do shown in Nebraska joins us Hey Sean what's on your mind today eight AM so as a Buffalo Bills fan on health records and we say that the working on a master class in eighteen and the Green Bay Packers could definitely take some notes I think coming into this season you're very similar outlook aging quarterback really good team there's maybe not good enough to win the Superbowl don't have a lot of cap space probably not gonna make them good enough to win the Superbowl so rather than wait they just rip the bandaid off bill Belichick creep back into the second round he can still get first round talent that fits hick you don't have to pay the guy and I think somewhere along the way the car was going to set a veteran here and maybe even for another draft pick I don't think they'll take a quarterback in this draft the wait on that because I don't see that talent coming up in one of the factors I think they are handing Aaron Rodgers is happy telling them the you know slowly walked out the door but they they really should just you know give it to him straight yeah I think we might be overreacting just a little bit there Sean but thanks for the phone call Rogers is still playing at elite level had a great year last year the thirteen and three there went away from the Super Bowl they're not that far off and you still have your quarterback the patriots don't have a quarterback named Jerry stood up there's no way bill Belichick is tanking just not Jacksonville meanwhile come on down Jacksonville feels like he's going to do a great job in tanking for Trevor Lawrence yes vote the patriots have a second round draft pick in the NAIA four thirds into fourth round draft picks to trade up you know they're gonna take a quarterback Erol gonna go nuts like well what do they see in him what if we mess with J. could be sent over they take I get the feeling that they're going to take they're going to they're going to bring in a quarterback I will when the draft is over that's what I want to see with what happens with Andy Dalton the Bengals cut him it happens to cam Newton and what happens to Jameis Winston if you were a team see I thought Pittsburgh was going to be interested in Jordan love and I forgot all about the cold last night because when you look at Ben that there is back up you don't have good backups here but if you can go Jordan love and I can give you maybe two years with them that to me would have made a lot of sense but of the Packers might be three years away from using him but I don't think you can look at this and go into the patriots used a second round pick on problem if they had used a first round pick on drop below then you have a situation I think similar to what's going on here with the Green Bay Packers we got a winner on the US scoreboard Todd scoreboard that he spends way too much time on every single morning the numbers are ten in seventy four Jake in Colorado is the winner I wonder if this has anything to do with the Broncos since it's Jake in Cleveland so ten and seventy four the numbers the clue that just leaving yeah just starting the first number is just leaving the second number has to do with just starting both this date in history both NFL related the MEC just leaving somebody the sixteen years ago today and I felt draft also be playing somewhere and said nah I'm gonna go somewhere else just leaving Jersey number ten D. linemen there you go that's the ten Eli manning sixteen years ago today drafted by the Chargers that much of a giant sign and the second number is a team we've been talking a lot about something special that happened on this day in history in nineteen seventy four they were just starting Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Tampa Bay Buccaneers unical granted a franchise to the box Houston has three seventy four Eli manning ten **** years nineteen seventy four thank you John welcome thank you to these are tough for him this one will make it interesting to step up the game will be earned the right to win Dan in North Carolina joins us hi Dan would you have for me today Hey there I don't five ten one fifty I hope you guys are happening thank you very much hope you gotta give me Friday but then Joyce and Kelvin venison tenderloin myself into the meat of my phone calls you are the diktat I've been living here for years thank you thought ability to for years and it seems like every year you have to wait two to three years yes and actually analyze the graphics yes I'd like to know who you think just in the first round the best and worst pick from the two thousand seventeen and of L. draft and hello to chat row and second front left all right well that's me I think it is five inches thank you Dan how can you look at the twenty seventeen draft there Polly yes hold on one second okay hold on a second I'll make love an update the poll results mark Sanchez the former quarterback with Jones coming up here well Aaron Rodgers and his career in Green Bay sixty four percent say no Evan in Indiana Jones is heaven Hey Dan Moore say six to two forty three and falling thank you guys for helping me get through my morning run makes a lot more fun quick question do you really think Jake Frahm or Jaylen hurts goes at either two or twelve trying to indeed to replace old rivers and like a month I don't know I don't I think once again you don't just take a quarterback to take a quarterback take a quarterback you think features system that's the that's the key into Jordan love if they looked at him and they like what they saw been great but you know you can use a wide receiver there and if he's not the right guy then don't take you don't go on you know we didn't get him let's say Jaelynn hurt you can't do it that way yeah my gloves is it a stretch to save a life love maybe they want a big strong arm guy like you said to me similar qualities yeah I hear good things about Easton you know but once again it's the measurables I don't know his personality ideal but but I hear you know good things yeah point going back to two thousand seventeen draft I'll go quickly brown took Myles Garrett he's a pro bowler you airstrip Mitch Trubisky is not good at night took Solomon Thomas and he's not great he's not bad and I thought he was going to be great Jaguars took Fournette the fourth spot and he's getting better but then he's done Corey Davis the Titans that's not good Jamal Adams of the jets safety very good Mike Williams of the Chargers injured his first year but playing well now why did she ever good Christian McCaffrey the Panthers very good Thangal strategy on Ross little speedy wide receiver awash not good and then chief took Mahomes Eurotech Lattimore the defensive back in Texas to John what's what you look at all of those guys they're all I mean there's some great players Gary could be you know ten time Pro Bowl player Jamal Adams all pro player Mike Williams is very good McCaffrey with what he's done Patrick Mahomes you know could be a hall of Famer marshon Lattimore's very good deshaun Watson is great who else do you go to the end of the first round T. J. watt pro bowler at the thirtieth pick and then your Davis white the defense a backward Ellis you with the bills he's really good yeah so I I mean you can look you can give grades I'm just talking about giving an accurate great because we we all want to go anyway what do you think give them a give the Miami get got in a I sold you know some dress where Hey they got a tackle in they got a quarterback first of all I don't know if the tackles good Austin Jackson out of USC and what if two is not healthy so Hey I gave you today I don't know that's why I always say give me at least two years where I can see you know where we're going on this I know we want it now and again maybe it's a like a cheap way for me to get out of given a great here I don't do this for a living from the standpoint of assessing the talent there I do talk to people who do this but you know if you're saying Hey what do you think of you know throw out any Isaiah Simmons I think he's going to be a dominating player but I understand this it's not like your crappy in college and then you get drafted in the first round everybody's good you can you can make a tape where everybody looks great but that's not what the NFL is all about Hey I got a great taping called Mitchell Trubisky probably had a great tape Vince young had a great tape he had one of the best performances ever he won the Rose Bowl I mean I we assumed he was going to be very good that's why when you give out grades it's always in I give out an incomplete because I don't know I just just don't know and that might be mean spirited give Mitchell Trubisky an incomplete S. S. pretty nice will take that aren't take a break mark Sanchez will join us get his thoughts on what another for old last night in the draft and how would he feel if he was Aaron Rodgers today twenty two after the hour and this is the Dan Patrick show you're checking things all the time checking your email checking yourself out the mayor Todd likes to do that we always checks his guns do yes you do thank you to our little island fortune about check in something important as your credit by the way you've lost weight you look good you've you've you have lost some weight loss the couple yeah you have got a ways to go I know a waste to go I do ways to go my dad was a lot of walking around the neighborhood because somebody discovers now offering fi co credit scores check your no I really care I care about and discovered this a fifteen second read Todd like a throwaway reddit score card free for everyone discover dot com discover a salad limitations.

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