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And and this tells you just how deep the cut is in seattle when they're call on seattle on the goal line yeah and richard sherman and michael bennett and all those guys out there that lost the super bowl because they didn't hand marchan lynch in their minds they didn't hand marche on much the ball they let russell wilson throw it the fact that we still hear it makes at that tells the other part that fill phil simms was talking about uh in does make a lot of sense the reason why seattle wooden sign collar capper nick is because it goes back to all of that and it goes back to the struggles away that russell wilson and that offense are dealing with now could you imagine if colin kaepernick were on that roster as the backup quarterback to russell wilson whose making twenty million dollars a year they'd be called form the players who would regain yes and those players and you know an mp carols the king of the player psychology he is one hundred percent the king of where psychology so michael bennett may be sitting down during the national anthem pig houses we support michael better we love michael bennett i don't like what he's doing i wouldn't do it that way myself but i'm support my players because i don't want my players the turn on me as the head coach i want my players playing for me as the head coach because i love my job and i think we got a good team here but they'll turn on the quarterback that's what they will transfer vacuous they went on for me lately exactly are i listen i was in a vent the other day and speaking of thickness thick no you must vote syms not wasn't worth of somebody actually thought i was him screw fulfill true grit soon were both former new your quarterbacks for sure i get it we turn broadcasers and i'm so much better look at an i'm so much younger my hair look so much better as like a million brian jones knows what i'm talking about because he runs of the phil.

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