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You guys thes community colleges between 2000 and $5000. Dollars per year per year. We're talking about no more than 100 bucks a week for your college for your post high school education. That's what I'm talking about. It's affordable. It's doable. No stress, no entrance exams. None of the waiting vo biting your nails waiting to see you got accepted. You walk up, you enroll. And you're accepted and you're doing it for a fraction of what other people are paying, walking out with an incredible, unbelievable degree getting into it in no particular order. Foothill College. This is all sent in my listeners. Foothill College located low salt those HILLS, California, an institution offers a broad range academic brought all kinds of academic programs. Left and right, different. I mean, very diverse 1500 year. These are the numbers being sent to me here. All of these colleges I'm not even going to say the amounts except to tell you there between $1000 a year and $5000 a year. Very doable Numbers. Walla Walla Community College, located near one of our best stations, while the wall community college there in Washington State. Unbelievable program. Hugely diverse. Great. Now I can't even list all of the various programs if I'm going to get through these 30 Next up. I love how these community colleges keep popping up in some of the most expensive states in the union, Santa Barbara City College, highly ranked people walk out happy with great degrees. I'm going to butcher the next one technical college system of George's Altamaha Technical College. All of these between five grand a year to all the way down to one grand a year. It's unbelievable. Next up North Central Kansas Technical College. I love the Midwest. It is so beautiful, stuffed with some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet in your life. I'm so proud to hail my family tree from the Midwest South Dakota, namely Lovett Lake Area Technical Institute in Watertown, South Dakota. Speaking of all of these degrees guys to be had for five grand or less per year, according to this printout that I have right here. Lake Area Technical Institute, Watertown, South Dakota. I've been to that town many times. My beloved family summer trips is a kid. Beautiful country. Amazing Institute. Get your degree for far less and enjoy habitation with some of the finest people on earth. Will you do it? Fort Scott Community College Fort Scott, Kansas Love all these Midwestern towns. Fantastic degrees. I am looking at bullet point after bullet point of what they offer with regards to degrees..

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