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Winston we had a very similar childhoods on opposite corners of America. Why don't you grow up? Where did you grew up in the Seattle area? And Phil grew I grew up in Miami. So I mean, that's about as far very different places. They're both port cities true mid-size ports. Yeah. But we just had similar upbringings. We both loved that booklet with a chance of meatballs. We went in on a meeting with at Sony. Pictures enemy Shen who we just made into the spider versus and they and they had this property. Oh, going gosh. That's my favorite kids because my favorite Kaz book. That's crazy. They were were meeting with them about a different project. We weren't very excited about that project. And so when they called us a day later say, hey, what do you think we said? Yeah. You know, we had a lot more ideas about cloudy with a chance of meatballs, and they said, oh, really that'd be great. You wanna come in and pitch it to us tomorrow? And then we said how about the day after tomorrow because we didn't have any actually. So we just stayed up all night. Yeah. And coming up with the the basic take which was Armageddon, but funny on purpose and his Astra movie. Let's make it a disaster movie with food and shake it treat it like. It's very high stakes and no pun, no pun intended. In ten all puns intended, my friend their intended by God. Exactly. But in any case, we came up with this. The character set that basically was the the final movie twenty. The story was a hundred percent different of the story that we originally wrote. And that we wrote we were writing the movie and not directing it. We wrote a script that was really really funny but lacking in much in the way of motion and had a number of significant story problems. But other than that, it was a delight it was, but it totally was a lot of fun. And it was like, oh it felt like airplane or something. It was just like zany and silly and funny. And but it just was not a good movie. There wasn't a sweet although airplane is a great movie, by the way. Yeah. It didn't have any heart to it whatsoever. And you know, you it had like. Hovering working in sitcoms in twenty two minute episodes. You can get away with just like a little bit of heart. That's undercut and you're like that's enough. That's enough for twenty two minutes. But your engagement for ninety minutes, you really need to care about these people, and you need to be rooting for something, and you need to like you need your heart needs to melt in a in a sincere way. And that just wasn't. So we got we got fired hand. About a year. And then the director of that film took our script and took out all the jokes and just left the story problems. And so they got fired. And then the weird thing happened, which was they called us back and said, hey, would you want to direct this movie or they want to come back to the movie because they liked the tone of the original v? And we said, oh, I don't really want to get fired again. We could do without the fiery. And then we were on the shortest contract ever for director, which is like every three months, they could fire us, I think on the contract. And so we just went to work. And because we knew the script was not had a lot of problems. We came in sat down with this crew that we inherited and just said. And they're like what's your idea for how to fix the movie? And we said, well, what's your idea? What do you think? Which was the best was mostly stalling technique because. But it was the best way. Take best foot to get off of with the with the crew and the best way to make the movie good because they've been working on it. And they knew the problems better than anybody because they've been working on it for a year. And so everybody got to download and and say what they thought. And and we were able to come back and go like, okay. Well, these thing a lot of these ideas are contradictory. But, but this was a really cool thing. And this is great. And then we were like, okay. Well, let's see if we can't figure out a path forward..

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