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Now is the GameBoy player desk. Oh, yeah. I have of dollars on a chalkboard. Millions. Russell Hopson just says, Mario golf. Yes. Sure. Do it again. Yeah. Great question places. Mario golf. I'm not much of a golfer mini golf though. Yeah. I mean, that's what. Well, okay. See Margaret golf is. Just fun. That's great. Yeah. Yeah. The last Mario golf the one for three D S. It's like such a great Mario golf game. Like perfect. I love it. I wish that they would do another one for the switch. They'll be one. But I want them to do somewhere in between like more RPG stuff than tennis ace's had both out all that stuff that they put in tennis campaign. Yes. That's why can't enjoy Gulf story because it had like an over world map, and some silly side quests and all of that you finished golf sorry. No. Yeah. No joy. I didn't love it to the end you play Greece. I liked it. I will play great tried grass. I will put lake good heath past Patou. Last question. Terry leads asks sorry about that. Charlie's asks do you think we will see a re release of Austrian of time for its twentieth anniversary whether that is an ten sixty four classic or switch remastered. Well, here's the deal. So offering of times anniversary is coming up in like two weeks. So I feel like if there was going to be inaugurating of time remastered. We would have heard something about it unless they want to say like bomb relations offering time is now on your intendo switch which would be great love the play that on my switch. What sucks about the lack of a dedicated virtual console is that there's currently no like vehicle for that to just happen. Whereas a couple of years ago, they could do that right on we on three D S on. We you can just be like, it's the birthday of Donkey Kong. Here's the here's the old Donkey Kong. Now, it's just basically any game. So that's the only place they have to put those coolest thing for subscribers to the online plan to just say, here's a Zillow zero dollar version of oak arena of time ever described. It's free. Okay. Let's hold it. So many times what does doesn't mean anything they've sold all of these things so many times yet here, we are can sell it so many times again back, you know, what that would raise expectation that you get more large the GameBoy lodge coming out. Time. Get nothing long story short. No. I I mean, I don't think we see that right now time re released for the twentieth anniversary. But the good news is next week's NBC. We're doing a special extra long episode fully dedicated to operate enough time. We're going to talk about our favorite time memories. We're going to talk about the development of the game sugar. Motta will be here. No that's about a that is not true. But you called him though. He said, he he's he's working on the Mario we're gonna that Moore movie trying to figure out how to make it very cheaply that was alive. And all that other stuff is true next week's NBC is going to be a very special commemorative edition offering of time. Twentieth. Anniversary retrospective episode still working on guests for but it should be good episodes. I will not be here. But you boys enjoy and here, I will not be here flying, you hate. Okay. You know, one of my favorite games of all time. I hate it. That really throws a hammer in the old spoke. Well, remember in that game? You guys talk about. This. Isn't it weird? When you go to redesigns that mean, you cut it in half bring Sam on. Yeah. Well, you can just live techs and mustaches Cynthia I could do that. Yeah. Sure. Yeah. Call you got some new record us like a little cell phone video. You're killing us your favorite whatever obviously over so. Guys. Thank you so much for joining me. Tina, thank you have you on the show against been awhile. Don't be a stranger and thank you for watching out there. Remember, you can watch

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