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Latest in energy medicine and mind body techniques to help us live longer healthier and happier so thanks so much for joining us this evening you know you know that old saying about how one plus one sometimes equals three well that's especially a happy surprise when it happens in something that helps to stay healthy something in a place which we're gonna find out his act has got another name is called the central command center and that's what's going on because under the right circumstances that's what's happening in was known as the microbiome America which is a really important part for every part of our well being that we've talked to for some time here on healing crest about probiotics and the important role that they actually play in keeping our digestive and immune system healthy and in fact virtually every part of our body healthy yeah seems like every week we find out about something more it's not just our digestion it's it's acne it's our brain it's I mean it's amazing how many think this affects so a new dietary supplement called a prebiotic has been created and the relationship between the prebiotic and the probiotic is proving to be very powerful if you have the right stuff that is in the right prebiotic and probiotic world so to make sure we have the right stuff we're going to talk with a microbiologist curing Kristin an expert on this topic and the author of a just released article in the international journal of pharmaceutics we're also gonna learn about a gentle all natural way to deal with deep tissue pain using a technique that Judy recently experienced first hand that's right you know it's called MFR and that's myofascial release and I you know I was really impressed by several experience I've had with it so joining us today on the show will be rob could Penske from body concepts in Folsom yeah he's a physical therapist antibody worker and rob is an expert in dealing with deep tissue pain in this very gentle way called MFR and also today in the show it's Judy self care segment has some simple tips for both men and women but first we want to share with you updates on a topic we cover closely here on your quest and that's the health of our planet you know the importance of protecting our environment and maintaining a really close connection with nature is something we've talked about since the inception of healing quest almost twenty years ago so about a month ago we talked about a new study showing that trees could be a critical piece of saving our planet from the devastating impact of climate change you discover something from some Swiss scientists right right interesting study out of Zurich in which they say that increasing by fifty percent the number of trees on earth could capture two thirds of the carbon that's been released into the atmosphere by human activity and that carbon is really dangerous out there so of these trees could take care of that would be a big story on earth I think you're telling me that the study's co author says forest restoration is probably the best climate change solution that's available today yeah so yes which country has really stepped up and taken action taken the lead really the world widely all right you're not us really Ethiopia probably not the name you were expecting Ethiopians last week planted more than three hundred and fifty thousand trees in twelve hours the prime minister is one who actually gets a lot of the credit for creating the initiative to help restore Ethiopia's landscape because it's being eroded by deforestation and climate change if you're just joining us I'm Judy Brooks and I'm more walking horse your listing human quest and we're talking about a major effort that one country in the world is taking to protect our environment by planting more than three hundred and fifty thousand trees in just twelve hours well the country that we're talking about is Ethiopia and their larger goal is to plant four billion trees by October of this year so that recent study we talked about found that planting billions of trees around the world is the cheapest and most effective way that we can tackle the climate change I mean come on guys this plant some trees trees absorb carbon dioxide which otherwise traps heat and contributes to global warming so we'll worldwide tree planting initiative could remove a substantial portion of those emissions in fact the estimate is the planting area of trees the size of the US could remove two thirds of the man made carbon pollution that's been pumped into our atmosphere over the past twenty five years that's amazing that would be wonderful so thank you to Ethiopia for leading the way this of course is not the first time we've heard about how good trees are for us a few weeks ago you may remember we talked about research from Japan showing that spending time in a forest stimulates the production of anti cancer proteins which may help prevent cancer the finding correlates with other studies which found that areas with the most forest coverage have lower cancer mortality rates units there must be something to this other studies have shown that spending time in a forest actually reduces blood pressure other scientists thing trees release compounds into the air that could be healing for humans by reducing stress and boosting immunity and mood so the trees in our life or go not only for the health of the planet they're also good for the health of everybody who lives there who lives here unless they're less were off on a so called on another planet so these three of these trees were talking about a really good for everybody your honor I thank god and also today we have an update on a related topic that we've been following closely and that's the effort to tackle plastic pollution now starting on the twentieth of this month San Francisco International Airport is banning the sale of single use plastic water bottles now the rule applies to airport restaurants cafes in vending machines about four million plastic water bottles are sold each year at SFO but now travelers I guess you're gonna have to bring their own bottles or by refillable aluminum or glass bottles and on a much larger scale the international hotel group has announced that it is eliminating those little travel size tubes of shampoo and conditioner old darn and and bath gel from its eight hundred and.

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