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A Monday morning and Brian combs works his way in the sea was so shaken right now in the news room how in the world are you I'm doing well regulations being offered to UC zone Travis Kelsey bear cat became the first you see alarm to us were touched them in the Super Bowl well one of the heroes is the chiefs came back last night and to beat the San Francisco forty Niners thirty one twenty in the Superbowl game Kelsey getting a number of congratulations on Twitter from UC alarms in from the university itself he now continued all week speak finally of his days at the university of Cincinnati and said that grew up a lot living in Cincinnati in these fortunate to have been there and met the people that he met and learn and play football the way they've done he does calcium the the chiefs offense battered San Francisco forty Niners in the last seven minutes or so score couple touchdowns to seal the victory yep the staff for I did not do it wasn't too hard this time your first day on this Saturday night I was little I mean halftime show certainly entertaining than that Kate my kept my interest yeah the other man do you understand all the lyrics I don't understand all the lyrics yeah maybe a little old we were I mean I I just had this but it was tweeted up best halftime show ever said Jeb bush really yeah hi the beats the who can say everyone the who come out of our news at five thirty so a couple of schools in the tricycles today because of flu and we did get the the word Hey in the middle of the Superbowl last night that those suspected cases of coronavirus of Miami are not the corona virus so the tristate is still free of that disease is sweeping China good deal coming up at five thirty those details on news radio sort of W. W. five seventeen at seven hundred W. O. W. what is a okay I'll get around about a minute here my friends at UC Berkeley are saying if you don't like the idea of a good shaking hands with everybody getting off a plane from China that yours Xena phobic which means you have a fear of foreigners not far as with potentially deadly disease just foreigners it was a California Berkeley the health center there is facing backlash after posting on its Instagram account the posting prompted social media users to accuse it of normalizing xenophobia a B. well cal is an account run by the Tang center campus medical service shared a since deleted graphic about managing fears anxiety around corona virus it was the dean of phobia among the common reactions to the outbreak please recognize experiencing any of these can be normal reactions I guess the idea that they suggested that being cautious around people getting off a plane from China is normal was the cause of the backlash I was shared over the weekend removed see it already have prompted backlash from social media users who pulled up the school was perpetuating misdirected fears Christina Leese an Instagram user who spoke about the issue at email the health center Thursday explaining our concerns NBC news view the response the organizations of the apologize corrected the captions and the messaging around this another communications on campus re worded they should have said it was a normal reaction so at least at Berkeley you are now considered abnormal if you don't embrace those who could well be be carrying the corona virus good you know it's it's one of those it's your ideologies is going to come back to bite you in the end although people will argue that it was importation of the not one of them is going to make it a point to embrace somebody who's just getting off a plane from China it's not going to happen it doesn't matter of their Chinese or otherwise I five nineteen will do a weather and sports combo just ahead stand by seven hundred W. L. W..

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