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A drug charge the exigen weather forecaster for this afternoon and evening we could see some drizzle perhaps light snow watch for icy spots temperatures dropping to near thirty tomorrow cloudy and milder in the afternoon the high of forty five right now it's cloudy and thirty six okay and lacks the forecast wanted by school today I heard a helicopter flying the sadness right now and then there was another and we're literally standing here Harper has been killed in a helicopter crash is completely devastating who's a big supporter of lower Merion hopes form there was nobody more nobody most of the world to know see this is a news radio the card is zero five I Kaelin Scott was born in October of nineteen eighty eight in two thousand thirteen he won a local talent competition that got him started locally he came to worldwide attention when he was a contestant on Britain's got talent two thousand fifteen his audition song Robbins dancing on my own not only because signing callous and industry to the semi finals but he released it as a single minute reached number two on the UK charts and became the best selling song that some of this week in music American standard studio recording before kicking off for you as.

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