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Auburn area our next report at eight forty four i'm john nelson komo news man thoenes on as the weather mostly cloudy skies dare temperatures they're going to be in the upper 40s to lower 50s there is a chance of a shower times as you make your way through the next couple of days mostly cloudy again tomorrow showers a bit heavier on sunday can temperatures once again in the low 50s monday and tuesday you guest it mostly cloudy shower even heavy rain at times on monday was and gusty winds in the komo weather center i'm theron zahn couple news at the moment looks like cloudy skies and about forty three degrees here in downtown seattle komo news time is f thirty five a man jumped to help after his friend is set on fire that man now making of plead to help find the man who hurt his friend and that friend who was burned is still in the hospital the horrific crime happened tuesday night at ballard income was jennifer sullivan as more sand why please and he was saying please kill me could say i am more in his friend had just returned to ballard tuesday night when a man they knew is chris walked up carrying the next few nonstop and morris mine aegis said k through gas on them and let them on fire flames engulfed the victim a thirty nine year old who has not been formally identified by authorities more says he tried to smother the man to put out the flames lear rolling around in the street build on fire for minute betsy rogers in her husband matt hagan were walking out of the liquor store across leery way when they heard some commotion followed up with.

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