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Two twit which i i was the guest host onto twit yesterday amc has lear laporte is frolicking in the galapagos with turtles and things and they there is a a charter a level two charger across the street from the twit offices in this office park so i drove up there plugged in walked across the street twit an and plug back unplugged andrew of home on with the with mileage despair so i've done that a couple of times now in that that totally works because with these electric cars there's sort of two there's two different ranges there's the range of what you can just drive all the way out there in all the way back home without plugging in and then there's the range where you drive somewhere find a charging station plugin do what you're doing out there and then are able to drive home and obviously that's a longrange it only to san jose that's what it would have been they got thank you kevin feel hashtag snow tool question if you have a question you would like to open an upset upgrade tweet it with the hashtag snell talk and it will go into a spreadsheet choosing casey less was very upset with me because i haven't asked a smelter will question that he had but i didn't think that was interesting enough so it will never get asked so i will invite casey to try again he was talking about some kind of university thing it really wasn't a very interesting question brochure the short version i'm going to answer cases question which is i forgot you there was a wooden aboard up a ha why am i why am i i think i answered it to him but just for everybody why am i a what do i loyalty to the university of california berkeley answer is my dad went to the university of california in berkeley i went to football games there from when i was a little kid we still have the football season tickets that used to be my parents my wife and i now have those.

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